Walgreens Champions a Digital Adoption Platform to Support Global Change Management

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

Like many companies, Walgreens is undergoing a digital transformation journey. In large enterprise companies, the user experience can easily be overlooked. But Laura Valenziano, Senior Manager of Digital Transformation & Change Management at Walgreens, knows that if organizations underestimate the importance of the user experience, the business will essentially suffer. 

It is through the lens of Laura, who will be joining our fantastic lineup of adoption leaders this March at WalkMe Realize, that we will take a look at the digital adoption solution that Walgreens has chosen to fuel their organization.

One person can be the catalyst for change

In 2018, Laura realized that Walgreens needed a solution for the many software-related challenges its massive workforce was facing. But proposing yet another software investment is never an easy task when large company executives are looking to mitigate expenses. Laura found herself needing to advocate for adoption as a critical and long-term necessity in order to realize software ROI and in order to support their employees.

Dive Deeper: Improve Employee Performance Now

She single-handedly lead the charge, implementation, and ultimate success of WalkMe for their new cloud-based HR system. After its quick adoption and success, she then implemented WalkMe for their compensation system. Walgreens values their employees’ well-being and happiness. WalkMe’s digital adoption strategy was another way to show them that.

Investing in WalkMe has impacted the various affected Walgreens teams in three ways: support ticket reduction, metrics, and ease of communicating changes to employees.

With the rollout of WalkMe on the HR and compensation systems, they saw an average reduction of 50% in support tickets. 

This decrease gives valuable time back to managers and the HR team to focus on more strategic initiatives. WalkMe metrics gives feedback to HR on how team members use the systems, so they can react quickly to solve employee issues. With constant changes, it is challenging to adequately inform 220,000 employees about updates. With WalkMe, they can easily package changes into easy-to-understand content and deploy it in time for employees to take necessary action.

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A solution that can support and scale big

When Laura was tasked with rolling out Microsoft tools for more than 40,000 support employees across multiple countries, she knew that going the traditional training and onboarding route would not bode well for adoption results.

Supporting platforms like Office 365 on a global scale is something that WalkMe’s digital adoption platform is able to do, and Laura championed her adoption strategy to convince IT and business stakeholders that this was the solution that they needed to ensure success.

With these rollouts, the WalkMe portfolio at Walgreens has expanded from 1 HR platform to 6 applications and Laura plans to expand it to additional applications over the next year.

Laura is a true digital adoption pioneer and continues to prove that her WalkMe-first adoption strategy is a powerful way to mitigate risk and generate revenue for large-scale software roll-outs. We are thrilled to have Laura speaking at WalkMe Realize and look forward to hearing her insights and best practices this March.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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