These 11 Hits Should Be On Every Training Manager’s Playlist

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated March 22, 2024

Music motivates us to run faster and dance with more passion. It inspires us at work and even provokes a stroke of genius in some of us. This is the reason behind this post, which complies with a list of songs related to employee training, learning, and motivation. 

This is the playlist every training manager needs to have. Enjoy!

1. Pink Floyd – Learning to Fly

We start off with a song written by David Gilmour. The lyrics describe something many of us are familiar with – radical changes in life and our ability to adapt. 

2. Alanis Morisette – You Learn

When Morisette released this track, she unknowingly inspired millions with its lyrics. It speaks of the implications of poor decision-making and how we can learn a lot from our mistakes. 

3. Crosby Stills Nash – Teach Your Children

On the surface, this song reminds all parents to devote time to educating their children. A deeper interpretation, however, can shed a different light on this song as a reminder for employers to train and teach their employees. 

4. Hall Oates – Adult Education

Every hardship and every difficulty is an opportunity to learn and evolve – this is the message behind this inspiring song. 

5. 311 – Use of Time

Time – our most valuable resource. It is finite and nonrefundable, so use it well to maximize your (and your employees) efficiency. One way to do that is by putting enough money into a proper training process, preferably the kind that’ll help your employees spend less time remembering what they’ve learned in training. 

6. Eric B. and Rakim – Follow the leader

This one goes without saying: a leader is a role model and a navigator. This reminds us that the person in charge is also the one with the burden of responsibility. This is why every training manager needs to make sure they don’t only train but also lead. 

7. The Shangri-Las – Leader of the Pack

This 70’s hit carries a powerful message on how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The narrator falls in love with a “backstreet guy,” but her parents deny their love for him because of his background. But behind this moving love story, we get here a reminder for contemporary training managers not to be afraid to step outside the box and explore new ideas and methods. This is what leadership is all about. 

8. Alice in Chains – Lesson Learned

This song is about hitting rock bottom, a new personal low, and growing from there, using the bad experiences as a starting ground to reinvent yourself. 

9. Tom Petty – Learning to Fly

Continuing the idea from our last track, this one states that although sometimes you feel down in the dumps, you can “learn to fly” and overcome any hurdle. This is a great motivational song. 

10. Super 8 & Tab – Slow to Learn

Set tangible goals and attainable expectations.  There’s a famous saying: ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’ It is true, but life has obstacles to overcome, and some things are harder to learn and accomplish. In that case, optimism and patience are the key success factors, especially in learning. 

11. Earth Wind & Fire – Yearnin Learnin

Ending this list is a serious life lesson disguised as a funky, upbeat track. So “Gives your heart such a special treat,” and enjoy this tune.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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