A worthy candidate: The WalkMe Digital Adoption Fellowship

Jessi Tseng
By Jessi Tseng
Updated May 2, 2023

As an organization, WalkMe is dedicated to driving progress – and not just of technology adoption. WalkMe is committed to seeing change for good in the tech industry. To promote a more diverse tech industry, with unique minds coming together from different backgrounds, we need to help individuals from underrepresented communities access opportunities.

In 2020, after discovering our mutual passion for the cause, we began meeting weekly to brainstorm ways to help. That’s how the program we founded, the WalkMe Digital Adoption Fellowship Program, grew from an idea to reality.

What is the WalkMe Digital Adoption Fellowship?

The WalkMe Digital Adoption Fellowship provides paid certification through The Digital Adoption Institute (DAI) as well on-the job internship or externships with real world experience alongside a mentor at non profit registered 501(c)3 customer organizations. 

Regardless of educational background, anyone can join and innovate in a meaningful way in the digital adoption space. WalkMe, through its Digital Adoption Institute (DAI) and incredible customer organizations, gives these fellows a chance to have a seat at the table and help create the growing role of digital adoption professionals in this rapidly growing industry. The goal is to help these fellows get a job after the 6 month fellowship and certification. 

The program consists of two tracks: technical certification & operational learning. As such, fellows spend 3 months learning and getting certified in their chosen digital adoption track, followed by t another 3 months of working hands-on in the field  while they continue on their path to become an expert in this fast-growing field.

A star candidate

One exceptional 2022 fellow is Kris Monkou. 

Kris Monkou

Right before the pandemic, Kris resigned from his position in cyber security and started a small business with his partner. Then, around November of 2021, Kris’s partner – who is a WalkMe employee – suggested he apply for the fellowship program. He started the fellowship program in January 2022. 

Kris explained his motivation for applying to the WalkMe Fellowship as follows:

“What interests me the most about WalkMe and the products is guiding those through an ever changing technological world”.

An unexpected turn of events

Kris, however, would face a challenge in March after dislocating his knee. Living in an RV at the time, rehabilitation would be difficult – but he persevered.

A worthy candidate: The WalkMe Digital Adoption Fellowship

A new chapter

One of the goals behind the fellowship is to actually find the fellows full-time jobs after they complete the program. So, having graduated the fellowship, Kris’s partner urged him to apply to a role with WalkMe. 

We’re proud to announce that, today, Kris is a full-time Solutions Engineer at WalkMe. 

“My experience at WalkMe so far has been AMAZING! Everyone is incredibly helpful, supportive, and generous with their time and knowledge. I feel right at home, I’m glad I made the decision to join the WalkMe team”

Kris Monkou

Welcome to the team, Kris! We are lucky to have you. 

Could you or someone you know be our next fellow? Learn more about the WalkMe Digital Adoption Fellowship.

Jessi Tseng
By Jessi Tseng
Jessi Tseng is a creator and leader of the WalkMe Digital Adoption Fellowship and a Senior Professional Services Manager at WalkMe.