The Benefits of Digital Enablement: How PwC and WalkMe partnered to drive adoption

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

Our people make our business, but everyone is different. Each team member has unique skills, capabilities, and levels of adaptability, so it was important for us to put our people’s needs at the center of our digital transformation

The bottom line was that we couldn’t underestimate the needs of our people. Too often, organizations prioritize developing and implementing tools rather than helping teams transform the way they work. Knowing this,  we needed to invest in tools and systems that would let our people capitalize on their skill sets, be as effective as possible and empower them to achieve more. 

Classic approaches to change management don’t always work. To be a digitally enabled organization positioned to respond to the needs of our clients, we had to rethink our change strategy. How could we get everyone across our global network to embrace a new way of working?

The solution: a strategy rooted in our people philosophy that’s powered by technology to drive digital adoption.   

Digital adoption is a process and a goal

Success means that our people not only know how to use the digital tools available to them but that they understand the value of those tools and can use them to their full capabilities. 

So why is digital adoption so crucial? Here are five solid reasons:

Achieving digital adoption is not always straightforward. It takes expertise, innovative thinking, and a carefully built and executed strategy.

WalkMe: The digital adoption platform that brought our strategy to life

Finding the right digital adoption solution was going to be key in our efforts to implement Salesforce Lightning. But we also knew a single training approach wouldn’t drive meaningful behavioral change worldwide. As a result, we developed a toolkit of interactive training techniques to enable hundreds of thousands of users around the globe to use the full power of the software—and do so quickly. 

Enter the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform. This intuitive platform is basically a transparent layer of support that sits on top of the Salesforce software. WalkMe helped our people navigate through tasks using pop-up messages, nudges, and on-demand support right in the app when needed. We also created custom “Walk-Thrus” to guide users step-by-step through processes and tasks, letting our people learn in the moment and become more productive.

“When undergoing our transformation to become a digitally-enabled organization, we combined strategy and technology to ensure success. That’s how we found WalkMe. WalkMe was and still is an integral part of our digital adoption strategy to provide our global network of firms – 236,000 people across 158 countries – with an interactive experience that allows individuals to embrace technology and achieve success.

– Christine Robertson, PwC Canada Sales & Marketing Leader

The benefits of effective digital adoption, thanks in large part to the WalkMe platform, were immediate. The solution’s benefits include:

  1. Zero-time training
    As part of our training strategy, we delivered in-context training right when the users need it, directly in Salesforce. 
  2. Context sensitivity
    Specific roles or territories demand specific content, and may even demand specific rules. WalkMe gave us the ability to segment content and deliver information tailored to specific roles. 
  3. Insight and optimization
    We have the ability to collect data about how users are using the software, what’s working and what isn’t. With this, we can design solutions to solve pain points, reduce gaps and increase adoption.  
  4. Automation and AI
    Digital adoption isn’t just about training. Being able to automate certain tasks improves productivity and reduces errors. WalkMe’s AI-powered predictive analytics let us continuously improve on-time guidance and preempt requests for help.

Continuing our transformation

The real-time support provided by the application helped our people navigate the platform at their own speed with the necessary guidance. This success has led to us incorporating WalkMe into future transformations, including the roll-out of Workday®, our human capital management platform.

Finding fun ways to integrate training into the daily activities of our people let us fuel our new ways of working right from the get-go. To encourage digital adoption during a transformation, it’s important to help people learn at their own pace, provide guidance and make it fun and easy to learn by integrating training into their daily activities. 

We started our journey with the goal of providing a consistent employee experience across all our large software applications, and we did so successfully. We now have more than 100,000 users live on Salesforce. Our takeaway? No digital transformation initiative will be successful without a digital adoption strategy—and the right digital adoption platform to go with it. 

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.