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Your Guide to Thrive at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

Your Guide to Thrive at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

By Julie Lamb

What’s faster than the speed of light? The sharp lightning crack of innovation. Can you keep up? In today’s tech game, winning means predicting tomorrow’s new rules, and evolving fast. Meanwhile, the competition is always rising. Take one look, and you’ll see a growing graveyard of Blockbusters and Kodaks that tripped over shifting technology. The corporate universe is brutal to CEOs who resist change. Businesses that fail to keep up in the new economy risk becoming dinosaurs. Today, the breadth of your digital arsenal is what sets you apart from the competition. But the more technology you add, the more critical digital adoption becomes. Forward-looking business leaders have identified adoption as their core strategic imperative.

Instantly grow your software ROI.

These thought leaders don’t fear tomorrow’s new rules. Instead, they use cutting-edge technology to deliver better business and customer value today. Want to meet these pioneers? The upcoming Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2018 is poised to tap the future pulse of our corporate universe, and teach you how your business can get a cloud boost. From October 22 – 25, tens of thousands of attendees will flock to Oracle’s cloud showcase of the year. Oracle brings the digital revolution to you through 2,200 educational sessions. Prepare yourself for a feast of demos, hands-on labs, along with exhibitions from more than 400 innovators from around the world.

Let’s talk about Oracle OpenWorld

It’s a doozy of a tech event. Oracle’s monster cloud conference has been cooking for two decades now. Oracle OpenWorld towers as the globe’s biggest conference for Oracle customers and technologists. The event inspires enterprises to better leverage cloud technologies for growth. Participants love getting an inside scoop from corporate decision-makers and IT management. OpenWorld delivers a splashy intro for all things newly-developed tech. Business professionals learn how to integrate these tools into the IT workspace, and network along the way. It also targets line-of-business end users, rolling out the red carpet on product features to all the latest Oracle news.

The essential 411 on Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 is set to take the stage at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Here, innovators and entrepreneurs will dive into the latest breakthroughs in cloud infrastructure. For instance, at the last OpenWorld, attendees learned how to accelerate cloud onboarding using Oracle’s GoldenGate cloud service. Oracle also announced the industry’s first cloud-native, intelligent security and management suite at OpenWorld 2017. While OpenWorld will soon light up San Francisco, it’s a global event series. At Oracle OpenWorld 2019, participants can take the next digital train to London, England in January. Then, by February, Oracle OpenWorld Middle East takes on Dubai. Come March, Singapore’s tech community is primed to buzz at Oracle OpenWorld Asia. Oracle OpenWorld has also drawn audiences to Sao Paulo, Brazil, New Delhi, India, and Shanghai, China. There’s a reason that over 20 years later, the convention continues to boom. Oracle OpenWorld makes connecting with tomorrow’s changemakers accessible, and invaluable.

The Moscone Center: A mega 87-acre convention complex

First, let’s talk a bit more about the “where.” Oracle is hosting this year’s OpenWorld at the George R. Moscone Center, a.k.a. the largest convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco. It’s a bright 107,000 square feet at the Moscone Center. Three main halls span across three blocks. This huge exhibition complex stands tall in the South of Market neighborhood. Urban and chic, beyond the halls you’ll find a bustling nightclub scene and even the San Francisco Giants. The Moscone Center boasts sky-high ceilings and glass enclosed lobbies flooded with natural light. From the lobby, you can find stunning San Francisco views, including the nearby Yerba Buena Gardens. Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Attendees will get to enjoy the center’s brand new $500 million expansion. You’ll also find here San Francisco’s biggest solar panel array (ideal for schmoozing with your peers).

A highly-anticipated agenda

The agenda at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 covers a broad range of topics, including cybersecurity, data integrity, analytics, digital transformation, and how to gain a competitive edge in rapidly evolving markets. How do we accelerate growth in cloud technology? This year especially, the conversation has centered on security and data breaches like Cambridge Analytica. But can the role of security and privacy pave the way for new opportunities? How are experts using transformational tech to “bulletproof” businesses? Learn the answers to these questions and more. Oracle OpenWorld 2018 will give a close look into using Oracle’s systems to master corporate efficiency.

Discover new insights from keynote speakers

The Oracle OpenWorld 2018 lineup presents an esteemed panel of speakers and tech groundbreakers. Don’t miss these powerful innovators: Brian Greene: Physicist and string theorist. Professor Greene is the director of Columbia’s Center for Theoretical Physics. He has made revolutionary discoveries in superstring theory, and he’s the author of the George Foster Peabody award-winning book “The Elegant Universe with Brian Greene.” The Washington Post calls Greene “the single best explainer of abstruse concepts in the world today.” Sophie Hackford: Co-founder and CEO of data and AI company 1715 Labs. This futurist advises executive teams and large company boards on tech that defines the new economy. Hackford works out of the Astrophysics department at Oxford University. She synthesizes explosive, interconnected technology and science breakthroughs across the globe. Larry Ellison: Executive chairman and chief technology officer of Oracle Corporation. He founded Oracle in 1997 and served as CEO until September 2014. Diego Pantoja-Navajas: Vice president of Oracle’s global operations. He oversees Oracle’s startup program for entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. Oracle acquired Pantoja-Navajas’ startup Logfire in December 2016. Anil Dash: CEO of Glitch. His company allows millions of creators to collaborate on making and sharing apps, arts, and bots. Dash is an entrepreneur who advocates for the ethical tech industry. He is the former advisor to the Obama White House’s Office of Digital Strategy. Dash also serves as an acting board member for companies like Stack Overflow, the biggest community for computer programs in the world. The New Yorker calls Dash as a “blogging pioneer.” Amity Millhiser: Vice chair and chief clients officer at PwC. She is the firm’s leading client adviser. Millhiser brings fresh perspectives to the table on digital and emerging tech to clients. She’s also a respected thought leader on diversity in business. Millhiser landed among the California Diversity Council’s Top 25 Most Powerful women in Technology in 2015, and was named one of Silicon Valley’s Women of Influence in 2012.

Get ready for the expo floor

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Talk to representatives from some of the world’s most innovative companies and gain a peek into future ahead. Today’s trailblazers will lead a slew of sessions. Remember, the venue just revamped. This means plenty of space to wander between presentations. We’d love to meet you! Say hi to us from WalkMe at Booth #3132.

A whole new world of connections

The Oracle OpenWorld 2018 conference offers four days of groundbreaking knowledge. On top of lightbulb “aha” moments, you can also look forward to networking. It’s not every day you get to chat with top tech experts in the globe.

Oracle CloudFest.18

Oracle is bringing back its legendary night of live music: CloudFest. CloudFest.17 saw The Chainsmokers and Ellie Goulding rocking the stage. This year, Beck, Portugal. The Man, and the Bleachers will play their best hits at AT&T Park (a breezy 15-minute walk from Moscone Center). On October 24, Oracle Cloudfest.18 kicks off, and you’ll be able to dance along from 6:30 p.m. well until 11 p.m. Leave your notebook and laptop behind.

Seek adventure in The Golden City

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Home of golden sunsets, the old school gold rush, and the 4,200-foot Golden Gate Bridge. One thing is clear: San Francisco is a flourishing hub. Getting lost in this eclectic city is half the fun. Albert Einstein once said, “look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” In the San Francisco Bay area, marvel at the majestic old redwood trees in Muir Woods. Mosey through the Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden, the oldest public Japanese garden in the U.S. But some adventures are worth some extra travel. Nature enthusiasts will adore the giant sequoia trees at Yosemite National Park – only a day trip outside of the Golden City. Just in time for Halloween, you can make your way through the abandoned prison at Alcatraz Island. In the Civil War, Alcatraz housed prisoners of war. There, you’ll also see the oldest operating lighthouse on the West Coast (and even a seabird colony). A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a vibrant snapshot on the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, where the sea flows into stars up a 163-step staircase. It’s a beloved community-led project in San Francisco. If you’re lucky enough to be there at moonlight, the tiled mosaic glows. Walk down the “crookedest” street on earth at Lombard Street. Lofty hills and sharp curves make passing by Victorian mansions a charming escapade. At some point, a San Francisco authentic must: ride on a cable car. It’s a hallmark experience.

What happens at Oracle OpenWorld doesn’t have to stay there

Keep that conversation flowing. You can follow all the OpenWorld buzz using the hashtag #oow18. Connect with peers throughout the conference, and share your revelations after.


Julie Lamb
Julie is a Gen Y-er born into the era of relentless disruptive innovation. She lives and breathes technology, captivated by how the digital revolution moves markets and transforms the modern workplace. As a former senior editor for an investing blog and regular contributor to leading financial publications, Julie has a laser-sharp eye for identifying and analyzing how emerging digital trends impact overall company performance.