The DX Enthusiast’s Guide to MWC 2020

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated July 13, 2022

If you need to be up to date on all things DX (digital transformation), then you absolutely need to know about the upcoming Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona this February.

As leading-edge technology continues to penetrate all markets and industries, mobile is quickly becoming a preferred device, even at work. In short, if your product doesn’t have mobile capabilities, then you’re already behind.

At MWC, the biggest and brightest tech leaders will share, demonstrate, and network, bringing the world an unprecedented amount of mobile innovations.

The Details

Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: February 24-27, 2020

Theme: Limitless Intelligent Connectivity

Who: Over 109,000 attendees from 198 different countries 59% of whom are C-level executives

Register: Here

The Event Topics

AI – Artificial Intelligence 

In-depth look at how it’s developing, its potential, and the impact that it’s currently having on the world of mobile.

5G Connectivity

This covers all-things connectivity from tools, best practices, regulation, and current market trends.

Customer Engagement

Engagement is and has always been a major player in the business of online mobile capabilities. This is a cross-industry assessment at what’s working and what’s next for mobile engagement.

Industry X

How can mobile capabilities be efficiently monetized? These are the challenges and opportunities for data analytics and new revenue through mobile digital transformation.

Media & Entertainment

Media content is continuing to evolve. Just as we’ve seen TV and movie networks like Netflix and Apple TV develop, the door for mobile media to expand and evolve is wide open. Take a look at what’s up and coming.

Our Planet

In an effort to improve rather than negatively contribute to the ever-growing environmental crisis, MWC has asserted that our planet’s well-being is a fundamental theme of this year’s most poignant gathering of mobile minds world-wide.

Security & Privacy

As internet threats and privacy scandals are uncovered, the need for more open and thorough discussion into privacy responsibilities has become more relevant than ever. This inevitable element of the industry is complex and full of opportunity. 

The Event Speakers

This conference boasts over 70 confirmed speakers that cross all industries and roles. From the CEO of Nokia to the Digital Transformation Officer of Airbus, the plethora of wisdom to be shared is bound to be epic.

Beyond Telecom

This event is not just about mobile digital capabilities. It is an opportunity for all tech companies to showcase their unique and cutting edge innovations, ideas, and advances. Mobile represents the full capabilities of any given app or technology. We have transitioned out of a reality in which work happens on the computer, and the phone is reserved for personal use. All top-quality software is now cross-platform to an extent. 

But there is a gap.

As digital customer experience expectations continue to rise, all users, from employees to customers, expect a personalized and flawless experience. Even in companies that aren’t necessarily technology-oriented, the employees are digital-users and need streamlined efficiency to use a given software and to deliver on that software’s ROI. When users are unable to achieve their goals easily, they are instructed to call customer service or their company’s internal IT department. 

The inability to problem-solve and automate within a software program is costly, frustrating, and often begs the question: is this app worth it?

A Digital Solution For All Devices

WalkMe is a cross-platform and cross-device application, which means that whatever automation, guidance, reminders, and data insight that you get for your multiple apps through using our Digital Adoption Platform, you can access on your phone as well. 

Realize the Digital Promise 

Regardless of device, this is what a company gains from a DAP (Digital Adoption Platform):

  • Empower and engage users (employees and customers alike)
  • Enable self-service
  • Maximize Revenue

Mobile-Specific WalkMe

Are you wondering what it means for a digital adoption platform to be a mobile app?

These are some of the capabilities of WalkMe for mobile:

  • “Walk-Thru” feature: Interactive tour for easy app navigation and guidance.
  • Welcome Carousel: A swipe-slide experience to outline and summarize app-capabilities.
  • Automated steps: Reduce “drop-off” due to frustration and save users the “empty taps” made on the way to the high-value features of an app.
  • Cross-app capabilities: Move seamlessly between on app to another so that the focus remains completing a task, not navigating multiple apps.
  • In-app reminders: If you’re on a break and that important report finally finishes uploading, get notified on your mobile device immediately.
  • In-app guidance and support: get answers to questions on the spot to reduce the need to contact support and wait for help.

Meet Us at MWC

If you’re heading to Barcelona on February 24-27 for the Mobile World Congress, we would love to meet you.

Find us at Booth #5G80 to experience our Digital Adoption Platform, meet one of our helpful and knowledgable representatives, and see for yourself if WalkMe is the digital adoption solution that you’re looking for.

If you’re wondering if WalkMe is the digital adoption solution for your company, find out by starting here.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.