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Working on Multiple Websites? Here Are Your Digital Solutions

Working on Multiple Websites? Here Are Your Digital Solutions

By WalkMe Team

In the digital workplace, employees need to use multiple websites in order to have a productive workday.

From logging into their email and CRM, referring to an internal knowledge base, seeing what coworkers are saying on Slack, requesting time off on an HR platform – and it goes on and on from there – keeping track of each system and its processes can get quite overwhelming.

Working within so many websites is complex and inefficient. To simplify the day to day employee operations, organizations should consider a digital solution to connect these websites into a seamless experience.

Your employees can maneuver multiple websites easily by using WalkMe. Try it today.

Engage Users Across Multiple Websites and Applications

When it comes to encouraging your users to adopt and engage with a new digital platform, the key is to engage in the right place at the right time.

employee processes

It doesn’t matter if these users are employees who have worked at your company for many years or if they are new hires who are just learning the ropes for the first time. Making a process easier and more accessible will drive more people to do it. It’s as simple as that.

For long-time users, a major issue with introducing a new platform is the user’s reluctance to leave behind the old one. Even if the platform is missing some key features that the new one addresses, adopting a new platform is still tricky.

People tend to get comfortable with how they are getting things done and it takes time and effort to learn an entirely new platform, even if they need to learn just one basic task.

It might take multiple reminder emails, meetings, announcements at lunch or even flyers around the office to get employees to actually engage. These methods tend to have low engagement, are not very effective and take up valuable time and money that could be spent otherwise.

Things can get even more difficult with new employees, since they are likely learning how to use more than one platform at once. Learning how to effectively use these platforms could mean attending multiple in-person meetings and onboarding sessions.

This takes up both the new employee’s and trainer’s time learning how to use each and every platform necessary for their job.

WalkMe Bridges the Cross-Platform Gap Across Multiple Websites

To confront this issue, companies have been looking for digital solutions to bridge the gap, such as the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), WalkMe. As a platform agnostic tool, WalkMe has the ability to engage employees on any type of digital system — internal or external — as long as it has a URL. WalkMe is the digital glue between your company’s online platforms.

With Walkme, your employees don’t have to read a long email or be in a common space to see announcements about updates or be reminded to fill out an important company form. The engagement will be within the applications they already use and will display at the optimal time and location so that they are most likely to engage with it.

WalkMe’s DAP lays on top of the existing system, and reaches out to engage the employee when they need help. This help often takes them through the multiple websites needed to complete just one task.

We recently wrote about how WalkMe successfully used this strategy with our own product to get 98% of our employees to complete self-evaluations on time. We placed a simple pop-up message on every employee’s Gmail, redirecting them to our new HR platform and then showing them, step by step, how to complete the form.

This allowed our employee-users to be self-sufficient with their evaluation and it made them more comfortable with the new HR platform. Without having to individually navigate to the site and click around to find where they needed to go, our users were led directly to the evaluation so that they could complete what they needed to and get right back to their regular work.

WalkMe presented the platform and then pointed out the parts of it that were relevant to the user. This saved both valuable time and potential confusion from the users.

Leverage WalkMe’s DAP today to save users time navigating their HCM or any software.

Increase Adoption Across Applications Using Digital Glue

Using cross-platform digital solutions is an effective method to get users to interact with something new, or with something they may not engage with daily. If you reach out to your users on a comfortable and frequently-visited platform, like their email platform, they will be more likely to engage with something that is not as familiar. And, once they are on that not-so-familiar site, pointing out content that is relevant will decrease confusion and enhance engagement.

For those new employees who are just learning how to use multiple tools at once, this becomes even more important.

Rather than splitting the training into a series of scheduled meetings, WalkMe allows users to go at their own pace to learn the content, and gives them the option to return to the guidance whenever they need it in the future.

WalkMe will take them through the parts of the site that are most valuable for them. It is like having an on-demand training instructor constantly available at your fingertips.

software training

This is especially helpful if the user needs to learn certain processes that occur between two or more applications. The guidance can seamlessly move between applications, tabs and URLs to provide a comprehensive training experience.

It is tiring to have to switch back and forth between applications on a daily basis, or to learn a new application altogether, and WalkMe is a great solution to this issue.

WalkMe allows users to comfortably learn on more than one platform at a time and diminishes confusion and increases engagement on all of your company’s applications.

Ensure smooth adoption of any software by using WalkMe’s step-by-step guidance.


WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.