How to Improve Employee Training and Boost Profits by 24%

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated November 9, 2021

Companies that offer formal employee training earn 218% higher income per employee and realize a 24% higher profit margin than companies without formalized training.

There is a clear incentive to determine how to improve employee training. But what happens when an organization’s employees are unable to keep up with the speed of business?

The global business landscape is continually evolving, driving the architecture of a new, competitive organizational framework. That framework is built with digital tools and technologies meant to increase productivity and enable innovation.

The only way to ensure that your business can realize these benefits is to ensure that you provide your employees with the right training to get them up to speed.

Effective employee training demands an innovative, tech-forward approach

Not long ago, the pace of business was moderate and steady. New technologies were slow to evolve and even slower to be adopted. In fact, a two or three-year adoption process was typical. Today, that process must be completed within weeks.

This requires resources that can assist and empower employees to get up to speed quickly. When employees achieve digital adoption — when they are able to use digital tools as they were intended and to the fullest extent — they can begin to add value.

When thinking about how to improve employee training in the digital age, consider these three tips.

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1. Think beyond deployment

The right digital adoption strategy can turn employees into expert users of new technology and tools in record time. employee trainingUnfortunately, digital transformation is stalled at many companies because employees don’t have the right training tools to become confident, successful users of new tech.

Ten years ago, the process of adopting new technologies ended with implementation. That approach simply won’t work in today’s digital landscape — the volume and complexity of modern workplace technology demand greater support for users.

The benefits of a modern digital transformation can’t be fully realized until technologies are being competently used by the entire organization. The transformation to becoming a digital business, then, is not just about changing current business processes; it’s also about the effective adoption of these new processes.

2. Provide access to modern training tools and techniques

Shortening employees’ “time to competency” is a key goal when determining how to improve employee training, not to mention it can improve the ROI and overall success of your organization’s digital transformation. The way to lower barriers and speed up progress is ensuring employees have the resources to quickly become competent users.

A decade ago, that meant employees were expected to attend lengthy training seminars and read through epic-length printed manuals; practices that led to slow understanding and hit-or-miss adoption. Thankfully, training materials have evolved along with software and technologies.

The most effective approach is to offer a digital learning solution that enables real-time, context-sensitive prompts. Tools that understand the process a user is trying to complete and deploys guidance to solve a problem right at the moment of need enable full usability and minimize user frustration.

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3. Offer ongoing feedback and support as needed

Lack of visibility into each employee’s progress can be a substantial barrier to success. A digital solution that producessoftware onboarding insights on employees’ proficiency on the platform can be used to provide additional training where and when it’s needed. Ongoing updates and enhancements ensure that future releases offer a superior employee experience and foster a competitive business advantage.

Giving your employees the ability to harness the value of digital tools delivers critical benefits to your entire organization. Effective onboarding leads to higher adoption rates, improved productivity, and a faster return on your investment.

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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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