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How Sage Partnered with WalkMe to Drive Digital Adoption

How Sage Partnered with WalkMe to Drive Digital Adoption

By Maya Rice-Boshi

Learn how Sage has leveraged digital adoption to manage change and boost digital transformation efforts, creating a future-ready organization.

The challenge

With a workforce of over 11,000 individuals serving over 2 million customers across 20+ countries, Sage needed a scalable, on-demand solution for internal training and employee upskilling. 

The frequency at which employees used certain processes made traditional training methods ineffective, and a more flexible approach was required to provide guidance as it was needed.

The company partnered with WalkMe in 2019 with a goal of solving this challenge. 

How the transformation began

Alice Bridle, Interim People Operations Transformation Director at Sage, recently joined Simon Blunn, SVP & GM of EMEA at WalkMe, at The Future of Work Summit held in London. Bridle shared how Sage is using WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to overcome various organizational challenges, from software adoption and proficiency to employee engagement, change management, organizational efficiency, and more. 

Since initially deploying WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, Sage has implemented WalkMe on over 16 different mission-critical applications across their tech stack driving quality business outcomes. WalkMe has accelerated time-to-proficiency for team members, reduced IT help tickets, and reduced training time as well as costs. 

Sage Slide -70% of organizations are going to use digital adoption

Creating data-driven, seamless user experiences

According to Bridle, one of the major benefits of adopting WalkMe’s software has been the ability for employees to provide pointed feedback to management teams on processes and systems that are used daily. This has had an immense impact on overall employee productivity. 

Additionally, WalkMe’s comprehensive data analytics portfolio provides an invaluable birds’ eye view into employee engagement and software usage. This visibility the identification of user pain points and where errors commonly occur. Using this data, Sage’s team can quickly deploy WalkMe’s in-app guidance, automation, and data protection features to help prevent mistakes before they happen, allowing the company to manage high-stake security issues with precision. 

Sage’s strategic use of WalkMe on its emergency response system illustrates the real-world impact that improving user experience has on employee success. This particular system’s usage is rare, however when it does occur, it is a high-stress situation that requires several urgent processes to be followed. 

Due to the limited use of these processes by Sage’s employees, a lack of system familiarity only exacerbates the stress of emergency situations, increasing the likelihood of human error. Since implementing WalkMe’s software into this response system, employees are guided step-by-step through the entire process, not only to ensure that they are following the process in its entirety, but also to ensure that information is entered accurately – a crucial step to avoiding headaches later on.  

Digital Adoption as a catalyst for managing digital transformation: How Sage has created an agile, future-ready organisation.

WalkMe helps Sage create exceptional user experiences for their employees that drive outcomes aligned with their business goals, all while maximizing ROI on their existing software investments. Moreover, improved data integrity provides greater protection from organizational risks and reduces costs, on top of increasing efficiency and boosting employee productivity.

To learn more about Sage’s journey with WalkMe, watch the full video featuring Alice Bridle now on-demand.


Maya Rice-Boshi
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