WalkMe presents: Digital Adoption for Dummies

Ofir Bloch
By Ofir Bloch
Updated February 8, 2023

I’m very pleased to share that Digital Adoption for Dummies –WalkMe Edition has been published and is available for anyone to download today! 

Thank you to our friends at Wiley for their partnership through this publishing journey. Together, we took months of discussions, ideas, case studies, brainstorms, and then more ideas and condensed it into 32 pages of content that is sure to strike a chord with anyone who deals with a myriad of applications for their day-to-day jobs (let’s face it; that means all of you who are reading this blog right now). 

Digital Adoption for Dummies–WalkMe Edition explores the challenges of digital adoption in the age of digital transformation and outlines the relationship between data, action and user experience. 

Download your copy of Digital Adoption for Dummies!

Readers will see real-world use cases illustrating how organizations have leveraged digital adoption to achieve or exceed the business outcomes that inspired their digital transformation projects in the first place. 

The book comes at a critical time as organizations are rationalizing their technology spend over the past 24 months and exploring ways to maximize the return on those investments. 

As the creator of  the digital adoption platform (DAP) category, WalkMe is uniquely positioned to provide in-depth information about how to strategically and effectively boost digital adoption. Our edition of Digital Adoption for Dummies covers everything from the challenges of deploying numerous digital solutions, to assessing and understanding what’s slowing down adoption. 

Perhaps most importantly, readers will learn why a DAP is the easiest, most cost-effective way to  maximize value from digital tools – value that is exponential in nature, so the faster they start, the bigger the benefits.

Before you click over to the link to download the book, I wanted to mention that as much as we wanted to change the title of this book to Digital Adoption for Smart People, the folks at Wiley were very much sticklers for the “for Dummies” title, saying it has to do with its branded series. So just know that even though it says “For Dummies,” it really means “For Smart People.”

Special thanks to everyone who helped with this project, including Maor Ezer for entrusting me with this crazy project, Rafael Sweary for inspiring some of the book’s ideas, Heidi Biggar and Corrine Gabay for hours of content review and packaging, the Communications team for promoting it, and many others who contributed their thoughts along the way. 

Learn the fundamentals of digital adoption and the integral role it plays in achieving effective digital transformation. Get your copy of our eBook Digital Adoption for Dummies here.

Ofir Bloch
By Ofir Bloch
Ofir Bloch leads WalkMe's Strategic Positioning team, focused on enhancing the awareness, image, and position of WalkMe as the key player in the Digital Adoption space. Ofir has a strong background in market research, working with industry analysts and conducting competitive intelligence. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as a Disruptive Innovation Strategy certificate from Harvard Business School.