How to maximize the ROI on your custom CRM with digital adoption

Tristan Ovington
By Tristan Ovington
Updated May 16, 2023

Customer relationship management software (CRM) adoption is essential in the sales process today. The CRM system allows sales representatives to access customer information quickly, track leads, and follow up with customers in an efficient manner. The data gathered by the CRM can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling marketers to develop targeted campaigns and increase sales volumes. Additionally, CRM helps organizations build stronger relationships with their customers through improved communication and customized service. 

The global CRM market is expected to grow to $49.6 billion by 2025. That makes it increasingly necessary to ensure your sales team maximizes the ROI on your custom CRM. How? With digital adoption.

Whether you’re just beginning your CRM adoption journey or have already implemented a system, the most important thing is to make sure your selected tools are fit for your needs. The right custom CRM helps boost user adoption in sales, marketing, and customer service.

In this article, we will define custom CRMs, digital adoption, the benefits of having a custom CRM and why maximizing software ROI is crucial, among many other essential points. Let’s begin with defining the custom CRM.

What is a custom CRM?

By utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, you can stay informed about the progress of your prospects and customers throughout their entire customer cycle. This powerful program will capture all the necessary data for tracking purposes so that you can make educated decisions to improve success rates.

Custom CRM features and applications

Custom CRM features and applications

Developing custom CRM software is the ideal solution for businesses that require tailor-made tools to meet their specific needs. A custom CRM tool allows your employees to save time by avoiding extraneous features and tinkering with off-the-shelf solutions – optimizing productivity while ensuring maximum efficiency. Investing in an in-house or contracted development team can create a platform designed specifically for your company’s operations and workflow.

The first of these key features and advantages is personalized customer service on every channel.

Personalized customer service on every channel

When it comes to delivering a remarkable customer experience, tailored CRM solutions are unrivaled. This software collects carefully curated, accurate data that supports sales teams with lead generation and follow-up initiatives. Moreover, you can configure notifications and reminders to sustain relationships with your clients by providing relevant information at the right time.

With powerful filtering abilities, you can identify your most valuable customers and better anticipate their desires to develop customized marketing campaigns that will foster customer loyalty. Keeping close relationships with clients throughout the customer journey creates a positive experience for them—it shows that you appreciate their time and have dedicated yourself to understanding their needs. By delivering top-notch service, you create tremendous value around your business.

A CRM tailored to your business goals

With a custom CRM, you can rest assured that all its features fit your needs and specifications. You no longer need to pay for unnecessary features offered by pre-built software – just focus on what matters most: creating an effective customer service strategy and watching your business grow.

Advanced analytics & business intelligence tools

You can craft custom CRMs around your organization’s objectives, so all of the features promote productivity. By expressing your exact needs during the development phase, you will equip yourself with unique analytical tools that afford a complete view of each campaign and sales channel. 

Data security and confidentiality value

Due to the cloud services most providers offer, users often agree to accept the risks of handling sensitive data. Your clients value their privacy, and unfortunately, data breaches can occur within a CRM system. However, when you use custom CRMs, you have a higher level of control over security , enabling you to ensure your client’s data remains secure at all times.

Benefits of having a custom CRM

Benefits of having a custom CRM

Managing customer relationships using customized software is essential for enterprise companies, and there are many benefits to having a custom CRM, for example:

  • Tailored to processes familiar to users
  • Integrates with existing tech stack, saving money
  • No unnecessary features
  • Fits into existing digital transformation strategy
  • Designed for existing users so less training required
  • Improved employee experience

You will see these benefits as soon as you use custom CRM tools. 

Why maximizing custom software ROI is crucial

When designing a custom SaaS application or any other software to meet your business needs, it is crucial to calculate and define your expected return on investment (ROI)

When designing a custom SaaS application or any other software to meet your business needs, it is crucial to calculate and define your expected return on investment (ROI). It can be challenging to design custom technology or license costly software solutions; nevertheless, these investments are critical for achieving successful digital transformation

While assessing the success of a project, investment, or business venture, return on investment (ROI) is an invaluable metric for evaluation. For custom CRM software development, ROI requires computing both the cost and subsequent returns associated with investing in and implementing a tailored solution.

Now we understand the significance of ROI within custom software adoption, let’s look at what custom CRM software enables you to do.

How to maximize the ROI on your custom CRM

How to maximize the ROI on your custom CRM

Optimizing your custom CRM user adoption rates allows businesses to experience many lucrative benefits, such as reduced operating costs, improved customer satisfaction, and higher revenue potential. Additionally, it provides for the full realization of employee engagement through increased productivity and operational efficiency. In other words – digital adoption is vital to unlocking any company’s actual growth potential.

To better understand how digital adoption can bring an incredible ROI, let’s delve into the details and uncover strategies to drive success throughout the CRM implementation process.

Improve your employee training process 

Training and onboarding are indispensable components in encouraging tech adoption. Unfortunately, many businesses introduce new technology without providing the proper training for their workers on how to make the best use of it, leading to burnout and irritation among staff members. To prevent this from occurring, organizations must prioritize proper instruction during both training and onboarding.

Training should be comprehensive and immersive so that all personnel expected to use the technology know how it works with their role. Slideshows and presentations should not be the start and end of training; real-world application is vital for successful employee understanding.

Seamlessly adopt the latest technologies

Demonstrate the benefits and potential of your new CRM tool to employees to improve CRM adoption. Ensure they are ready for any changes and can reap tangible rewards. Businesses should analyze their tech stack, user onboarding processes, user experience design, and business operations. When someone understands why technology benefits themselves and their organization, they will be more likely to accept it in the long term.

Foster positive user experiences

Leveraging a digital adoption platform not only enhances employee adoption of mission-critical applications but, more importantly, provides an improved and personalized digital employee journey. After incorporating this new system for digital adoption, employees can more easily utilize all of its features to achieve more.

Adopting new technology is fundamental to a company’s innovation and success, but it also excites employees. Doing so keeps the business in line with current tech trends while allowing clients to explore something they may not have experienced before, maintaining their interest in the company.

Now we have learned how to maximize the ROI of your custom CRM, let’s move on to how digital adoption platforms help enterprises optimize ROI on digital investments. 

What is digital adoption?

Digital adoption is the process in which employees learn to use new technologies to optimize performance and improve their workflows for maximum productivity. 

This process is complex, as people struggle with change and fear the unknown. Effective digital adoption considers these realities of working with employee concerns to help equip them with the skills to use new technologies and see change as a positive that will help them in their role, making their professional lives simpler.

Digital adoption platforms help enterprises optimize ROI on digital investments

Digital adoption platforms help enterprises optimize ROI on digital investments

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform helps sales enterprises optimize ROI on digital assets. They provide visibility into how sellers use software and gives them the tools to reduce digital friction by creating efficient workflows that boost employee productivity and engagement, including:

  • Streamlining cross-application workflows.
  • Automating tedious processes.
  • Allowing optimization of sales software.
  • Getting reps up-to-speed faster.
  • Scales training sessions & onboarding while saving resources.
  • Empowering employee self-service.
  • Reducing the burden on IT & support teams to reduce unnecessary complexity.

Invest in our DAP today to see the benefits of ROI on digital investments.

Overcome custom CRM adoption challenges with a DAP today

Custom CRM adoption has many benefits and is essential to manage today’s changing, and complex customer needs so that you can remain competitive in the marketplace. It optimizes security, boosts performance, and increases employee retention. However, many challenges come with custom CRM adoption, such as burnout and frustration, but you can overcome these challenges with a DAP. 

Using a DAP to overcome custom CRM adoption challenges allows you to improve CRM user adoption rates. With a DAP, you can also optimize ROI with CRM automation to reduce employees completing tedious processes, get sales reps up to speed faster, and empower employee self-service. Learn more about WalkMe’s DAP today to see the benefits of maximizing the ROI on your custom CRM tool with better digital adoption.

How to maximize the ROI on your custom CRM with digital adoption

Tristan Ovington
By Tristan Ovington
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