7 WalkMe women breaking the gender bias this International Women’s Month

Aliza Hornstein
By Aliza Hornstein
Updated May 2, 2023

March is International Women’s Month and as a company, we are here for it.

IWD is not only a celebration of how far we’ve come as a society to progress gender equality, it is a necessary annual reminder of how much still needs to happen before gender bias and discrimination against women is a thing of the past.

While today we celebrate the fact that 40% of the global WalkMe team is female, we know that we too have a ways to go to make a bigger impact.

Meet 7 women at WalkMe who strongly feel they are helping #BreakTheBias not just this month, but every single day.

Paige Clarke, Sr. Program Strategy Manager

“My mantra has always been ‘lead with love,’ and for the 5 years I have been at WalkMe, I’ve stood by that ideal everyday. As the leader of the Women’s ERG in North America and a woman of color in management in the Services department, having representation in leadership roles is critical, and I’m proud to be helping progress this goal.” 

Yana Rozenberg, Head of Design

“The way I see it, women can help build up other women, or they can be part of the system that breaks them down. In my time at WalkMe, I’ve had the opportunity to build up a team – much of which is female – and manage, mentor and guide them to have even more success in their professional lives. I’m proud of the trajectory of my career and the doors it’s opened for me and others.”

Jasmine Sesso, Customer Success Manager

“For the past several years I have helped coordinate IWD events, so this day is close to my heart. I am very aware that my professional skills, which range widely from being data-savvy to having great financial literacy, help in a big way to challenge gender stereotypes. Being a strong woman in the workforce isn’t always an easy journey, but I’m proud and fearless, and want those that come after me to be valued and respected not only in the workforce, but in every part of their lives. I’m thrilled to be a part of a company that supports this goal!”

Stephanie Young, Digital Adoption Specialist

“Being led into my career here by not 1, not 2, but 3 (!) female managers really set the stage for me in terms of strong representation in leadership roles. I have been inspired and motivated by their strength and think that it is essential that all companies have the kind of gender-equal leadership that we have.”

Terri Crymes, Principal Instructor, DAI

“From the time I was a teenager, I have fought against the biases laid against me. Every preconceived expectation of who I should be, how I should act or what I should do became hurdles for me to overcome. Today, I am committed to breaking down those invisible barriers for myself and building a path for others to break those barriers as well.”

Jordana Mozer, Marketing Chief of Staff 

“Over the course of my career I have had the privilege to learn from incredible female role models. I’ve learned that anything is possible and hope to instill the same with the next generation of women leaders.”

Mary Rodriguez, Sr. Solution Engineer

“Growing up, I did not have a lot of exposure to women in tech, and it definitely had an impact on how I viewed the workforce. Being in the space today, I’ve had the privilege to increase female representation alongside a number of strong female leaders that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I recognize how important it is to continue to challenge stereotypes and break down barriers.

We are proud to support all of the women of WalkMe as we continue to make real progress towards true gender equality together.

If this vision is as close to your heart as it is to ours, check out our open positions to join WalkMe’s global team! 

Aliza Hornstein
By Aliza Hornstein
Aliza is the Social Media Manager at WalkMe, and manages their extensive communities across all social platforms. She has spent several years working for some of the top players in the tech industry, and works hard to bridge the gap between companies, their audiences, and the people behind it all.