Ease the digital burden on your employees with WalkMe Workstation

Derek Adams
By Derek Adams
Updated February 14, 2023

Hey everyone! We’re excited to tell you more about WalkMe Workstation, the all-in-one digital hub that simplifies the tech landscape for your employees. We think Workstation will move your digital adoption strategy to the next level and help you drive employee efficiency and business outcomes. 

What is Workstation?

Workstation is a centralized hub that sits on your employees’ desktops and simplifies workflows, information discovery, communication, and application usage. It integrates with your existing enterprise applications, enabling users to instantly search, automate tasks, and initiate processes in applications – all from one location.

Think of Workstation as a concierge at a 5-star hotel — a key element of the guest experience. This is the person who can answer your questions, arrange any service, and offer helpful advice, simplifying the hotel experience so you can focus on your vacation and not on how to interact with the hotel. 

How can Workstation help you?

At the hotel, guests want to know things like: When does the pool close? Does the restaurant require reservations? What are some interesting local attractions to see? A good concierge can handle all these questions and more. 

Like a concierge, Workstation is a single point of contact to navigate your digital landscape. Employees can use it to ask things like: How do I request time off? Where is that slide deck I need? What’s the status of my open IT tickets? How do I learn about changes to the company? What’s left of my onboarding? When is my next meeting?

Workstation is the starting point for employees when they need to get something done or questions answered. 

You can even add links to your WalkMe content. With a click, an employee can find any resource with a single search query, create an IT ticket, launch a Smart Walk-Thru that guides them through a new application, or they can use ActionBot to schedule time off without having to touch the app where that’s done. 

Let Workstation serve you better

The hotel concierge is also a source of great insights about guest behaviors, commonly asked questions, complaints, requests. Hotel management can use these insights to optimize the guest experience. 

It’s the same with Workstation — the analytics dashboard is full of insights that can validate the success of past initiatives and justify launching new ones. 

And like a concierge, Workstation waits quietly in the background until you need it. No two software users are the same, so it’s left to the individual how much engagement they need. 

The job your employees do is hard enough without them having to worry about how to navigate your tech stack. WalkMe Workstation removes that burden and lets them get on with their job. 

Derek Adams
By Derek Adams
Derek Adams is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at WalkMe with a passion for content and storytelling. He's been writing about technology from the technical and marketing perspectives for 22 years living in Silicon Valley and now in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. He enjoys craft beer and jigsaw puzzles, in that order.