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Wayne McCulloch: The first 90 days

Wayne McCulloch: The first 90 days

By Wayne McCulloch

The first 90 days into a new role is always exciting because of the element of discovery: getting to know the team and our customers, learning what makes them tick, understanding how things work, listening to feedback, and incorporating all of the above into a program the company can get behind while continuing to deliver value to customers and partners.  

Today I’m nearly midway through my first 90 days with WalkMe, and I am more excited now than I was when I started. The opportunity to not only create a new software category, but to also build a new Customer Organization from the ground up is exhilarating! A company that truly understands that the customer experience and value realization is critical to their (and our) success is a place at which you can grow your career (even as a Chief Customer Officer)!

Amid this ramp-up period, I learned I was named a Top 25 Customer Success Influencer of 2021 by SuccessCOACHING, a leading organization driving the development of Customer Success as a function, as well as careers in Customer Success (supported by Client Success and GainGrowRetain). This is truly an honor; making the top 100 list last year was incredible to me but this year, as a Top 25 Influencer, it’s incredibly humbling because most of the people on the list are my idols (yes, looking at you Nick Mehta). They are people I’ve learned from over the past 7+ years, and in some cases, coached me to be a better COO. 

Just as my mentors have coached me along my path to become a COO, I have worked hard to share my knowledge, insight, and experience with the broader success community (a book, podcasts, conferences, mentoring, blogs etc.) It goes without saying that I will be sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned along the way with my team here at WalkMe too, and to coach and mentor the team where I can to accelerate our employees’ career journey. 

If you are considering a career in Customer Success, Professional Services, Support, Education, Online Community, Customer Experience, Customer Strategy or Digital Adoption Platforms, please connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m hiring over 45 positions today across various roles on my team (individual contributors, global directors, and numerous VP roles) with many more to be opened in the coming weeks. So come grow your career with us here at WalkMe and let’s build the DAP category together.


Wayne McCulloch
Wayne McCulloch is the Chief Customer Officer at WalkMe. Wayne is a customer-focused executive with 25+ years of experience leading global teams. He has an understanding of how customers succeed through superior Customer Experiences (CX) along their own journey. Wayne was recognized on the Top 100 Customer Success Strategists list for 2020 as voted by the Customer Success community.