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Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe
By Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe
Updated October 19, 2023

The following message from CEO Dan Adika was sent to our customers on October 9th, 2023.

The recent heart-wrenching atrocities and the immense suffering we’ve witnessed in the past few days in Israel have deeply affected us all. My heart is torn to pieces from the tragic stories coming in every single hour. I want to thank all of those who have reached out with support over the past few days. It is reassuring to see the commitment and solidarity spread across our community. 

I want to personally assure you that, now more than ever, the dedicated global teams at WalkMe, spanning across Israel to Sydney, Berlin, London, Raleigh, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo and beyond, are committed and giving their all. 

I take immense pride in our WalkMe family, who have gone above and beyond during these trying times. They have shown incredible generosity and will by contributing and donating to families in dire need. Our employees reached deep into their own pockets and are volunteering wherever help is required. We are working as a team to distribute supplies and food around the clock and as a company committed to supporting our volunteers and local organizations.

We are a resilient community with strong determination. I am in constant touch with our teams and I can assure you that team morale is at an all-time high. Our employees are going the extra mile to ensure business continuity and the success of our customers. 

Why? Firstly, because they are deeply committed to our mission of delivering the world’s best Digital Adoption Platform; for many, this is a lifelong dedication. Secondly, because we are a robust local tech industry, and we will remain a robust one throughout these days. It is of paramount importance to us to ensure business continuity.

Realize, our annual customer event is on track and scheduled to be live on October 25th. I have personally reviewed all the materials, and it will be an amazing event, I can’t wait. If you haven’t already registered, click here to sign up.

Our customer success teams are here for you globally, our support teams are here for you 24/7 to ensure fast resolution and our R&D teams are hard at work innovating and delivering the best technology. The entire WalkMe infrastructure lives in the cloud locally in the US and EMEA. We are all working around the clock to ensure the success of our mutual partnership.

For any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our team members and myself personally, as needed. We are here and we are stronger than ever.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your continued vision in DAP and unwavering support.

Thank you.

Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe
By Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe
Dan Adika is the CEO and Co-Founder of WalkMe, the pioneer of the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). The DAP brings WalkMe’s vision to life: to transform the world’s online user experience into one that is effortless, efficient, and productive. Prior to co-founding WalkMe, Dan completed a 6-year service in an elite IDF Intelligence Unit.