WalkMe Meets Japan: Announcing Partnership with Hitachi Solutions

By Dannah Cahn
Updated May 2, 2023
WalkMe is proud to announce a new, strategic partnership with Hitachi Solutions, the leading Japanese provider of IT solutions. As part of the partnership, Hitachi Solutions will integrate WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) into their offering, introducing next-generation training and UX capabilities to their extensive customer base.

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Hitachi Solutions’ influence and reputation in the Asian market make this partnership highly beneficial to WalkMe’s expansion plan in Japan and the greater region. Many companies are shifting processes to the cloud, enabling platforms that are accessible by the employee from anywhere with an internet connection. These enterprises rely heavily on digital systems to fuel business operations. Hitachi Solutions offers a robust framework for purchasing and integrating of digital investments. The group works with companies in Japan and abroad, including a worldwide network of alliance partners. saas implemetation
“We have been extremely impressed by the Hitachi Solutions vision and leadership in driving Digital Transformations. With its industry leadership and cloud focus in CRM and HR systems, we believe that Hitachi Solutions is well placed to serve the growing demand for digital adoption tools such as WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). To execute WalkMe’s mission, we understand the need to partner with like-minded solutions providers. We are excited to partner with an industry leader like Hitachi Solutions as they continue to extend their reach within the Japan market.” Raj Sundarason, GM, Asia Pacific & Japan

Hitachi + DAP

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) will provide value for Hitachi Solutions’ customers by simplifying the adoption process of any platform they acquire. Coupling WalkMe with any system rollout increases software ROI and reduces system maintenance, workload, and cost. WalkMe’s UX layer offers tailored guidance to their end-user in the moment of need. Without altering the code of the underlying system, WalkMe acts as both on-screen training and customer support, cutting business costs in both areas. Founded in 2011, WalkMe has grown to over 500 employees in 7 global locations, covering all major industries and spanning all ranges of platforms and verticals. WalkMe’s platform is used by over 1,500 enterprises including many Fortune 500 companies. Hitachi Solutions has been awarded as an outstanding partner for delivery of cloud services such as Salesforce, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, ServiceNow. The partnership with WalkMe will serve to further enhance system’s usability and contribute to productivity and efficiency effort in enterprises worldwide.
By Dannah Cahn
Dannah is a writer, creator and hot sauce enthusiast. Educated in communications, today she is the puppetmaster behind WalkMe’s content marketing strategy. From kale tacos to B2B content, Dannah’s creations share a signature spice.