WalkMe Announces Commitment to Comply with GDPR Regulations

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

In April 2016, the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was designed to improve how personal data is managed by companies for EU citizens.


The regulation gives people more transparency and control over the data that is collected about them by companies. It is designed to ensure that data is also stored and transferred responsibly.


As the industry leader in Digital Adoption, WalkMe is fully committed to comply with the standards of the GDPR before the May 25, 2018 enforcement date.


We strongly agree with the values and principles of this regulation, which is why we plan to roll out the same improvements to not just our EU customers, but globally.


The GDPR gives EU citizens the right to know what data is being collected, the ability to change or download that data and even to have it deleted completely.


GDPR compliance


As a “data processor,” WalkMe is working to provide our customers with the tools, processes and documentation to help them comply with the GDPR standards today and in the years to come.


With over 1,500 customers, including 30% of Fortune 500 companies across all industries, WalkMe already meets extensive security compliance standards and the industries highest security certifications (multiple ISO certifications, SOC2, Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready™, STAR, Truste, EU-U.S. and Swiss-US Privacy Shield). Our updated privacy policy goes even further to meet all standards of the GDPR and it will take effect on May 15, 2018.


We encourage our customers to review our updated privacy policy and recommend that they contact us or confer with their own legal counsel for any questions regarding the practices and standards of the GDPR regulations as it relates to WalkMe.


With WalkMe as a partner, our customers can be confident that we will always strive to give them transformative technologies that meet the very highest standards.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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