How to Use WalkMe for Talentsoft & Achieve True Digital Adoption

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 8, 2023

The Talentsoft HCM platform can dramatically improve the operational efficiency of your HR department and employee experience overall – and using WalkMe for Talentsoft can fuel even greater results.

To see those results, however, businesses need the right approach to adoption.

Adopting the Talentsoft HCM platform: benefits vs. challenges

Talentsoft is a feature-rich HCM platform that can be used for a variety of HR tasks, such as:

To name just a few.

However, Talentsoft is a complex digital tool that requires training. Despite its potential benefits, many organizations only make partial use of the platform. 

As a result, they only see partial returns on their software investment.

For organizations that want to maximize those returns, they must ensure that users are:

  • Proficient – To use software optimally, employees must feel confident performing processes on. Today, most enterprise-grade platforms come with learning curves, some of them steeper than others.
  • Productive – Employee performance depends on proficiency levels, demonstrating the necessity for effective training.
  • Engaged – In this complex digital work environment, information overload is common. Simplified user experiences keep users engaged, which improves learning, knowledge retention, and proficiency.

In short, businesses need to think beyond software implementation and start prioritizing true digital adoption.

True digital adoption vs. software implementation

To earn the most from any digital tool – including HCM platforms such as Talentsoft – businesses need to strategically approach these obstacles head-on.

The best way to do this is by thinking in terms of strategic, results-oriented digital adoption.

This includes:

Focusing on employee learning. Because productivity depends on proficiency, organizations need to make employee learning a central focus during software implementation. Effective adoption, therefore, depends a great deal on how effectively employees are trained.

Staying agile and adaptable. Continuous change is the norm in modern organizations. To stay relevant and competitive, employers and employees must both continue to evolve. This entails the adoption of new tools, business processes, training approaches, and so on.

Designing a seamless user experience. The digital adoption experience covers onboarding, training, and every interaction that users have with a product or service. When it comes to enterprise software, organizations can improve each of these areas – and see resulting boosts in productivity.

Making use of digital tools to their fullest extent. Employees can only take advantage of all of the features Talentsoft has to offer if they know how. Digital adoption strategies should assess target platforms’ capabilities, identify profitable functions, and promote those features to users.

An approach that is built around these objectives will be more likely to deliver on its full potential – which is where Digital Adoption Platforms come in.

walkme for talentsoftHow Digital Adoption Platforms deliver value

WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform, the ideal solution for any business that wants to improve employee proficiency, productivity, and software utilization.

Digital Adoption Platforms provide onboarding, support, automation, engagement, and user analytics to any enterprise system or app, such as HCM platforms, CRM platforms, and ERP platforms.

Key features of the WalkMe platform are:

Contextual engagement. The WalkMe platform offers guidance as users complete digital processes. This contextualized guidance offers information that is immediate, relevant, and personalized. This type of experiential learning outperforms other training methods, especially when it comes to time-to-competence and long-term knowledge retention.

Step-by-step tutorials and guidance. Unique, step-by-step workflows can be taught automatically from within the WalkMe platform. Organizations can train users on cross-application workflows or they can focus specifically on Talentsoft work processes.

AI-powered insights into software usage. User analytics can offer insight into user behavior, software errors, and training needs. This information can be used to improve digital adoption and training programs, further improving the returns on an organization’s Talentsoft investment.

These features work together to help businesses adopt new software more efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of using WalkMe for Talentsoft 

WalkMe’s training and UX layer helps companies see bigger returns from their software investments.

Five key benefits of using WalkMe for Talentsoft include:

  1. Greater engagement and a simplified user experience. WalkMe’s user experience makes complex software easier to use and understand. In-app guidance helps reduce information overload and keep users engaged. This also helps reduce user frustration, increase knowledge retention, and improve proficiency.
  2. Accelerating employee learning. Shorter learning curves decrease time-to-competency, helping employees become more productive more quickly. This also helps to reduce training and support costs. 
  3. Full utilization of Talentsoft’s capabilities. WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform can specifically promote Talentsoft features, workflows, and functions – making full use of the potentials of the platform. 
  4. Encouraging self-reliance. Workers with access to the WalkMe platform make fewer calls to technical support and operate independently. One benefit is lowered technical support costs. Another is an improved user experience – employees feel more confident, productive, and self-sufficient when they don’t rely too heavily on outside sources for answers.
  5. Train users across multiple applications. Cross-application workflows are commonplace in the digital office. WalkMe can guide users through workflows – simple or complex – that span multiple tools.

For more information on WalkMe for Talentsoft, schedule a demo today.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.