WalkMe for Microsoft Dynamics 365: User Adoption 101

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

Using WalkMe for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ideal way to improve user proficiency and productivity.

Microsoft’s powerful CRM platform is a centralized business management solution that can add significant value to an organization’s bottom line … but only if it is used fully and effectively.

To realize that value, a digital adoption solution is essential.

Below, we will learn how to overcome core challenges to digital adoption, what goes into a robust adoption strategy, and how WalkMe can help.

Adopting the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform: Benefits and challenges

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a sophisticated platform that enables businesses to:

  • Market and sell more effectively
  • Gain deeper insights and business intelligence
  • Boost worker productivity

Among other things.

However, to take full advantage of this platform, organizations must be able to:

  • Onboard new users easily and efficiently
  • Support them in real-time
  • Raise user expertise, while decreasing cognitive load
  • Streamline user experiences and workflows
  • Train quickly and cost-effectively

Unless organizations can address these issues head-on, they risk losing value from their software investment.

Rethink user engagement to fuel digital adoption

When it comes to onboarding and training, the simpler the user experience, the better.

However, sophisticated enterprise-grade software platforms are anything but simple. 

On the one hand, the complexity of these platforms is their strength. Feature-rich, sophisticated platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 can add staggering value to an organization’s bottom line.

On the other hand, it is the same complexity that stands in the way of effective digital adoption.

To earn the full value from their software investments, organizations must design adoption strategies that focus on:

Effective onboarding. A good onboarding process decreases friction, frustration, and time-to-competency. Ineffective onboarding, on the other hand, can increase fatigue and burnout. 

Streamlined training. Training needs to deliver information quickly and effectively, without overwhelming or intimidating users. However, as we will see below, traditional training is not the ideal solution for learning enterprise-grade digital platforms.

Simplified user engagement. The user experience plays a large role in employee learning and productivity. Streamlined experiences reduce information overload and help users remain at ease throughout onboarding and training.

Full platform utilization. Platforms only deliver returns to the extent that they are utilized. If employees only use a portion of that platform’s features, then the tool will only deliver a portion of its potential value.

Fulfilling these core aims can help businesses realize the full potential of their software platforms — and the best tool to fuel these efforts is the Digital Adoption Platform.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)?

Digital Adoption Platforms are revolutionary digital training solutions.

WalkMe, the company that pioneered the industry, is a software-agnostic training layer that streamlines user experiences and digital training.

WalkMe’s platform operates by offering users:

Contextualized, in-app guidance. The DAP offers users information and guidance at the moment of need. This improves knowledge retention and understanding. At the same time, it reduces learning times, technical support costs, and time-to-productivity.

On-demand information and tutorials. Step-by-step tutorials help users of any experience level learn all possible processes and workflows. Tutorials and walkthroughs can be customized, edited, and improved upon as needed.

User insights.  Analytics on user behavior can be used to identify areas that need an intervention, whether by proactive support or more comprehensive training. 

Automation. Automating basic tasks and processes can free up employee time for more valuable activities.

These features prove invaluable for maximizing employee productivity with minimal effort.

6 benefits of using WalkMe for Microsoft Dynamics 365

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform helps organizations:

Accelerate time-to-competency during onboarding. Digital Adoption Platforms automate training, shortening learning timelines. Users become more competent and more productive much faster.

Streamline and simplify the user experience. In-app guidance engages users and keeps users focused on the task at hand. Cognitive load is reduced, which prevents users from feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by new software.

Increase long-term user productivity and value. WalkMe’s digital training can prevent employee skill levels from plateauing. Advancing employee proficiency also increases their value over the long-term. 

Promote targeted features and functions. Organizations that want to make full use of their platforms can promote certain functions or workflows. 

Reduce costs for training, as well as maintaining information. Updating and maintaining information, technical support calls, and human training costs can all be reduced with WalkMe’s automated training solution.

Realize a greater value from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Ultimately, WalkMe helps organizations earn more from their software investment. Greater user productivity, lower overhead, and the other factors mentioned above contribute to increased software ROI.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform plays a very large, central role in any organization’s day-to-day workflow.

It only makes good business sense to extract as much value from this tool as possible.

WalkMe’s digital training solution can help businesses earn more from Microsoft’s platform, in less time and at a lower cost.

To learn more about WalkMe for Microsoft Dynamics 365, schedule a demo today.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.