How to Boost Customer Value with WalkMe for cPanel

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 8, 2023
WalkMe for cPanel is an ideal onboarding solution for web hosts that want to earn and keep more customers. As hosting providers know, cPanel is a robust, feature-rich backend web tool that gives users more control over their websites.  It offers a wide range of functionality for users, but – as hosting providers know – cPanel can be daunting to first-time users. The key to onboarding, training, and retaining more customers is a streamlined user experience, which is where WalkMe comes in. Below, we will look at how WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform can automate onboarding, reduce technical support calls, and help web hosts earn more value from their customer base. WalkMe for cPanel

Web hosts face challenges during customer onboarding

Today, the competition for web hosting is fierce – there are countless web hosts, each offering affordable hosting services to prospective customers. Attracting new customers is only part of the battle, though.  Once customers have signed on, they are often faced with a daunting learning curve. Since many customers are not tech-savvy, even the cPanel interface can be intimidating. New users must not only learn the ins and outs of web hosting and website creation, they must simultaneously learn to use cPanel’s interface. It’s true that cPanel greatly improves customer productivity, offering functionality that includes:
  • One-click website installs
  • FTP account creation and setup
  • SSL functionality
  • Domain name management
  • Database management
Among many other things. However, for brand new users, cPanel can be intimidating enough to drive them away. For this reason, web hosts need a strategy that helps onboard, train, and retain cPanel users.

How to improve user adoption in cPanel

With the right digital adoption strategy, it is possible to streamline customer onboarding, reduce user abandonment, and improve long-term customer value. To achieve these ends, web hosts must address a few issues: The learning curves. As mentioned, users who are brand-new to web hosting will likely not understand fundamental concepts, such as FTP, SSL, or what domain names are. This learning curve is compounded by cPanel’s interface, which is packed with features and technical concepts. Technical support costs. Technical support is a must for any web hosting provider. However, if hosting companies are not careful about their onboarding, support calls can rack up quickly. Also, on top of the financial costs, there is the cognitive load for the end-user. The more technical support calls they have to make, the more frustrated they will become. Onboarding and training methods. Onboarding and training approaches both play a big role in user adoption. On the one hand, onboarding and training can increase customer longevity and value. But on the other, user training costs money and can eat away at that same value. When it comes to cPanel training, the right tools and techniques can transform and streamline the onboarding experience – reducing customer drop-off and increasing retention.

WalkMe for cPanel

How Digital Adoption Platforms streamline user onboarding, training, and adoption

The most innovative, effective approach to onboarding new customers for cPanel is the Digital Adoption Platform. Digital Adoption Platforms are UX and training software that layer themselves atop other tools, such as cPanel. WalkMe, the premiere Digital Adoption Platform, helps streamline new user onboarding and training with a few key features: In-app guidance. Contextualized guidance offers help in the moment of need, through pop-up bubbles and an interactive, user-friendly interface.  Step-by-step walkthroughs. Automated tutorials take customers one step at a time through essential workflows and features. This improves their onboarding experience and simplifies an otherwise complex interface. Usage analytics. Usage statistics offer insight into sticking points, stumbling blocks, errors, and training needs. With this information, managers can improve onboarding and training over time, further enhancing their onboarding results.  Together, these features help web hosts streamline onboarding, automate training, and offer better customer experiences.

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How WalkMe for cPanel improves onboarding, training, and user productivity Using WalkMe for cPanel training offers a number of benefits to web hosts and their customers, including: Streamlined onboarding. With WalkMe, users will make fewer stops to research information or call technical support. As a result, onboarding will be faster, more effective, and more efficient. A simplified user experience. WalkMe can simplify the cPanel experience for new users, which reduces cognitive load, frustration, and abandonment.  Full platform utilization. By promoting specific features, the WalkMe platform can help users make the most of cPanel, which, in turn, helps them make the most of their web hosting provider. Ability to automatically upsell and cross-sell additional services. Also, WalkMe can be used to automatically promote additional services. Increased customer loyalty, longevity, and value. Ultimately, web hosts can use WalkMe to grow their customer base, retain customers longer, and increase their lifetime values. In today’s competitively landscape, earning customer loyalty is a one-time opportunity.  Once they move on to a different provider, the chances are slim that they will return. WalkMe can help web hosts capture more customers at the outset, reduce technical support costs, and gain more value throughout the customer life cycle. To learn how, schedule a demo today.
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.