Introducing WalkMe Discovery

Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe
By Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe
Updated May 8, 2023

I’m thrilled to share with you the latest evolution of digital adoption technology: WalkMe Discovery. This innovation will increase the value organizations get out of WalkMe and change how we look at digital adoption. 

Every company today is looking to save money and boost efficiency. Software budgets are under pressure like never before. Companies with over 10K employees are wasting over $16M every year on software that’s duplicative or not used. 

But here’s the challenge. 

They lack visibility. Companies with over 10K employees are unaware of 51% of the apps they’re running. Without visibility into what software they’re running, who’s using it, and whether it’s being used as intended, it’s tough to know where to start. 

*WalkMe’s 2022-2023 State of Digital Adoption report

And once you have visibility, you need a broad range of options to act on what you discover. 

Because visibility is only the beginning. Optimizing software spend isn’t just about consolidating tools, or reducing or redistributing licenses. It’s about unlocking hidden value. It’s about driving software adoption to get more value out of the software you have. 

And that’s what we want to help you do. 

Before WalkMe Discovery, getting visibility meant point-in-time internal or external consulting projects that were expensive, slow and quickly outdated. Some tools offer basic login data, but lack the click-by-click detail or context you need to understand what’s really going on with software usage. Other systems provide great data, but lack the tools to act on what you learn. 

So we built something different. 

WalkMe Discovery gives you visibility into the real inefficiencies in your software stack. It delivers click-by-click data on web-based software usage at the application, department and user level. You can now go way beyond basic login or application data to understand software usage in the context of the jobs your people are trying to get done. 

So that you can make better choices about how you optimize your software spend. 

Because it isn’t just about only paying for what you need. It’s about getting what you paid for. It’s about making sure you’re getting more value out of the software you have. 

Paired with WalkMe’s unmatched capabilities to drive software adoption, you now have a complete solution to identify inefficiencies and a wider range of choices to act on the findings. 

For customers, WalkMe Discovery will be the compass for where to take the next steps on their digital adoption journey. For non-customers, WalkMe Discovery will be where they start. 

We’ve seen the power of this first-hand. Our own IT department used WalkMe Discovery to cut 15% of our annual software spend, and target several applications for digital adoption initiatives. 

One beta customer in the tech sector with 80,000 employees is reclaiming wasted software spend to put back into revenue generating programs. A consumer brand with 6,000 employees is using WalkMe Discovery to help decide where to invest, optimize, and improve user experiences. 

Now more than ever, we’re so confident in the value WalkMe can provide our current and future customers that we’re offering WalkMe Discovery for free through December 31, 2023, for the first 200 qualifying accounts. 

To learn more, please mark your calendars now and join our virtual event on June 21. 

Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe
By Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe
Dan Adika is the CEO and Co-Founder of WalkMe, the pioneer of the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). The DAP brings WalkMe’s vision to life: to transform the world’s online user experience into one that is effortless, efficient, and productive. Prior to co-founding WalkMe, Dan completed a 6-year service in an elite IDF Intelligence Unit.