Speed of Lightning: Robert Half Tech Manager Earns WalkMe DAP Award

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated October 20, 2021

We often talk about the challenges associated with learning new software systems.

We lament the complexity of unfamiliar processes and interfaces that throw the user experience into mayhem.

Seldom do we pay thanks to the training managers who are dedicated to making these transitions as seamless and workable as possible.

Successful software training and support are not to be taken for granted. That’s why we’re paying tribute to Nick Johnson, Technology Learning and Program Manager at Robert Half, the biggest global HR consulting and staffing firm based in Menlo Park, Calif.

This year, Nick is one of three recipients of WalkMe’s DAP Awards.

We spoke to him about the challenges of leading enterprise-wide change on a global scale and how to rally support around digital adoption.

About the DAP AwardsWalkMe DAP award

WalkMe’s DAP Awards recognize organizations and individuals who successfully created and executed a digital adoption strategy to achieve digital progress. After evaluating submissions, we chose three winners from different categories to be the first recipients of the award.

The three categories of the WalkMe DAP Awards include transformation leader, customer experience, and employee experience.

Of all of the nominations for the transformation leader, Nick was a clear standout.

Diving into change

Anyone familiar with change management — especially as it relates to technology — knows just how difficult it can be to rally support and prevent resistance. But this was a task Nick dove into headfirst.

After serving as a field trainer and manager for Robert Half, he stepped into his current role as technology learning and program manager. One of Nick’s key duties in this position has been to ensure digital adoption as the company transitions from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning.

This is a huge task for anyone. But when you’re talking about 400 offices across more than 20 countries, it’s monumental.

“Our biggest challenge was likely the change management piece,” says Nick. “When you are introducing a new technology amidst a myriad of other technological enhancements, certain programs can get lost in the shuffle.”

The key to meeting employee needs throughout the process is to keep a constant pulse on how they are engaging with the software, and adjust strategies accordingly, he added.

Nick worked tirelessly with teams across North America and the company’s global offices to ensure Robert Half’s Salesforce users are properly set up with WalkMe — a key component of its digital adoption strategy — and use it optimally.

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Mastering an evolving challenge

On top of the challenges implicit in a major transition, Nick has been responsible for preparing users during the rollout of a candidate matrix system on Salesforce.

The new system promises to revolutionize how managers and recruiters view, organize, and share candidate information within their branches and lines of business.

But getting all users equipped to make the most of new digital tools is another feat in itself.

“I think the more we empower users of technology to find solutions on their own, the stronger an organization becomes, both technically and operationally,” says Nick.

Amid the hype, Nick organized and led extensive pilot rollouts to ensure users will be prepared to maximize the candidate matrix system no matter what country they’re in.

“Offering variety in how those solutions are realized is the key to impacting all employees,” he says. “As you know, not all people learn the same way.”

This has required a great deal of collaboration and coordination with teams across global branches to streamline activities, identify barriers to digital adoption, and overcome the issue of language barriers in the software.

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The perfect blend of leadership and technology

WalkMe DAP Award

A solid digital adoption strategy is integral to a successful rollout. By deploying WalkMe to simplify onboarding, transitioning from Classic to Lightning while getting users prepared to maximize the new candidate matrix system has been far less daunting.

Robert Half found a partner in WalkMe early on in their journey.

As a global enterprise, the company’s leaders identified a need to standardize onboarding and implement best-practice workflows for all Salesforce users. They didn’t want to waste time with guessing and forgetting. Instead of resorting to in-person training, WalkMe’s step-by-step guidance would ensure all users could complete Salesforce processes correctly the first time.

“WalkMe provided a training solution we did not currently have in our toolbox,” says Nick. “It allowed our 17,000+ field users who interact with Salesforce daily the ability to take control of their own learning. The tool allows them to expand their knowledge of Salesforce with minimal disruption to their day or their manager’s day.”

From reluctance to excitement

Normally, introducing new software and digital processes isn’t met with much enthusiasm. But once Robert Half employees started using WalkMe, they became much more eager to use Salesforce and maximize its features.

Gaining support from employees is critical to making sure a transition goes smoothly. Providing training content that can be tailored to individual employee needs is the key to cultivating the most support.

“A pleasant surprise of integrating WalkMe was the ability to segment content for certain groups of users,” says Nick. “Because we are an international company, our various countries and regions often require unique content solutions. We were able to have an enterprise-wide impact with targeted learning outcomes with WalkMe.”

Throughout the duration of the project, Nick demonstrated outstanding leadership and initiative, an effective approach to training users, collaboration across vast geographies, and importantly, a successful approach to digital adoption.

Congratulations, Nick!

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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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