How WalkMe Customers are Changing the Standard for User Onboarding

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023’s customers demand nothing less than effortless when it comes to their digital products. According to Walkerinfo, 80% percent of customers would be willing to pay to ensure a better experience. Higher CX drives a willingness to pay a price premium. According to Forrester customers are 4.5 times more likely to pay premium if the experience is excellent than if it is poor. From Fortune 500 tech giants to fast-growing startups, SaaS companies all over the world are turning to WalkMe to simplify and streamline their products’ digital experience. There are many different ways organizations can use WalkMe to drive value — from user onboarding to self-support. We picked out a handful of our favorite stories.

Discover first hand how WalkMe can transform your SaaS product’s user onboarding.

13% reduction in support calls 

user onboarding Existing within the Microsoft empire, Bing Ads is a PPC service that offers advertising on Bing and Yahoo! search engines.

A new experience for Adtech users

Microsoft Bing Ads implemented WalkMe to drive user onboarding, task completion, and new feature adoption. WalkMe supports these goals by offering interactive guidance in multiple languages directly on the Bing Ads platform. Bing Ads uses WalkMe’s Walk-Thrus in two ways:
  1. As an overview for new features or area of the product that might be challenging for customers to navigate
  2. As a solution to a frequently encountered problem in the user journey

What Microsoft Bing Ads has to say:

“As a tech company, it’s very tempting for us to say, “We can build it ourselves,” but this would have required us diverting our time away from building Bing Ads features… [with WalkMe] We are now able to quickly make changes in guided tours without having to build new tools or work around development cycles.” –Haily De La Cruz, Program Manager, Microsoft. “The platform is easy to learn and intuitive. We are able to get valuable customer usage insights quickly. We love the ability for our writing team to iterate quickly on these tours without having to affect our software engineering teams.” -Lisa Osse, Microsoft.

Accelerated user onboarding

customer experience A division of HP’s Graphic Arts business, HP Indigo is a provider of digital printing solutions, such as printing presses for labels, packaging, and commercial printing.

Making design more accessible

HP Indigo uses WalkMe to speed up user onboarding and drive innovation. The faster customers can be trained to use the sophisticated printing machines, the sooner they will see value from the product. Walk-Thrus target the onboarding period by tackling common questions and complex process they might encounter using the product. The result was not only a faster customer onboarding period but higher efficiency and effectivity using the product with WalkMe. As a bonus, WalkMe also helped HP employees provide faster service while on site supporting a customer.

What HP Indigo has to say:

“Looking back at the impact of WalkMe — we thought we would just fill a few small needs that we had, and… it became a tool of innovation.”  -Richard Gines, HP “Using WalkMe applications, my team has been able to innovate things that we never would have ever been able to think of before. The outcome is that we have developed a reputation as innovators. Other organizations are coming to us and asking for help innovating, and it is all because WalkMe opened up a whole new array of options and ideas of how we could change and do things differently.” -Richard Gines, HP

Bolstering the digital experience

saas success stories Upwork is a global freelancing website where companies can connect with and hire freelance professionals. There are 12 million registered freelancers on the site, and 5 million registered companies.

Strengthening a network of collaboration

Upwork uses WalkMe to alleviate common support questions across their huge customer base and onboard users that are new to the platform. They also use WalkMe Insights to power key business decisions across departments.

What Upwork has to say:

“WalkMe empowers us to deliver real-time, in-product solutions that meet our specific organizational and customer challenges and needs. By focusing on digital adoption through WalkMe, we’re able to support customers from multiple areas of our site and ultimately deliver a better user experience to our customers.” – Joji Maekawa, Customer Advocacy Program Manager, Upwork

4x faster online conversions

customer onboarding success The world’s largest Subscription Relationship Management (SRM) provider, Zuora provides SaaS applications for companies with a subscription business model to automate billing, commerce, and finance operations.

Reducing the barriers to subscription

Zuora wanted to improve the efficiency of their sales cycle. They use WalkMe’s capabilities to offer prospects a virtual tour of their technology which is segmented by preferences and use case. This ensures potential customers are exposed to the services and features most beneficial to them. The results were outstanding. WalkMe became Zuora’s number one source of lead generation and the sales cycle collapsed by 50%. 

What Zuora has to say:

“Using WalkMe during the demo experience has helped us learn so much about our buyer because our prospects vary across industry and market segments, understanding their personas and use cases helps us prioritize leads and which deals to attack.”-Matt Darrow, VP of Product, Zuora

25% increase in user engagement

successful user onboarding DoubleDutch creates mobile applications designed to capture and surface data from live events and conferences.

Making events easier for everyone 

The end to end event management software boasts a wealth of features and functions. This translates to a potentially drawn-out adoption period. DoubleDutch uses WalkMe to reduce support tickets and accelerate user onboarding, customer adoption, and engagement with some of its core functionalities. WalkMe is also used to drive task completion for its app-building feature, as well as creating polls and surveys.

What DoubleDutch has to say:

“With the implementation of WalkMe, our customers are able to onboard within our product independently and at a fast pace. Utilizing WalkMe’s SmartTips and Walk-Thrus, we are able to drive usage of our high-engagement features and reduce onboarding support calls and costs.” Domenic Grazioso, Customer Enablement Manager

$100,000 saved in development costs 

user training ShootProof is a platform for photographers to showcase and merchandise their art from beginning to end, including contact management and invoicing.

Supporting artists around the world 

ShootProof aims to capitalize on the many ways WalkMe can empower Marketing and Product teams. They leverage Walk-Thrus to guide users through feature redesign and to help reduce support requests. By creating the optimal onboarding experience with WalkMe instead of hard-coding through the engineering team, ShootProof is able to save money while allowing their development team to focus on the primary goal — building next-gen photography software.

What ShootProof has to say:

“WalkMe is easily going to save us $100,000 in development costs this year alone. We are using WalkMe to announce promotions and showcase new features, but we’re most excited about WalkMe’s ability to provide “just in time” help for onboarding and feature adoption.” -Chris Walters, Customer Lifecycle Manager, ShootProof

Enabled remote customer training

user training and onboarding Alaya is a cloud-based software that offers end-to-end solutions for home health care agencies.

Less software frustration, more dedicated patient care

The feature-rich platform requires extensive customer training. AyalaCare implemented WalkMe to allow remote onboarding and support throughout the user journey. This enables platform adoption, promotes self-service and boosts AyalaCare’s overall customer experience. This allows AyalaCare’s customers to spend less time figuring out software and more time providing their patients with quality care.

What AlayaCare has to say:

“WalkMe allows us to essentially be right next to them whispering best practices in their ear… as excited as I am about WalkMe, our customer are even more excited.” -Neil Grunberg, VP of Product, AyalaCare
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.