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How To Ace the Unleash World Conference & Expo 2018

How To Ace the Unleash World Conference & Expo 2018

By Julie Lamb

Successful business leaders know that if they don’t keep pace with new tech innovations daily, they can fall behind the competition overnight. Welcome to HR in the age of rapid-fire digital evolution.

As companies increasingly lean on their digital strategies to set them apart from the competition, the need for your workforce to achieve digital adoption is greater than ever.

Empower your workforce to adopt digital tools with ease.

But new tech developments don’t have to intimidate you. Soon you’ll have the chance to learn from today’s hottest disrupters, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. Get inspired and discover how leading HR tech trends are shaping the future of work.

The UNLEASH World Conference & Expo 2018 in Amsterdam will show you what’s next in the future of work and HR tech.

From October 23 – 24, over 5,000 international business leaders will meet to dive into the hottest industry disruptions. Anything ‘future’ is on the table. Attendees will gain a powerful glimpse into anticipated HR trends and next-gen technology that is primed to rule the digital workplace.


human resource technology

Formerly known as HR Tech World, UNLEASH is now the biggest worldwide network keyed into the future of work.

The corporate network’s passion points include inspiring and transforming the future of work and HR technology. UNLEASH seeks to build connections between employees and the technology they use to drive business forward.

How can we use tech tools to “unleash” the true potential of our workforces? Empower human resource management? Deliver the best value to customers? UNLEASH answers these pressing questions, all while crystal balling an exciting future.

In a nutshell, UNLEASH offers a platform for leaders, do-ers and vendors who care about changing the way we work. It’s a platform that revs up the evolution of people processes and tech in the world of HR.

What you want to know about UNLEASH World Conference & Expo

The UNLEASH Conference & Expo 2018 will be hosted in Amsterdam.

This will mark UNLEASH’s third and final tech event this year. Back in March, the UNLEASH Conference & Expo captivated London. Then in May, UNLEASH America hosted decision makers in Las Vegas from leading global enterprises.

It’s the fastest-growing international trade show on the future of work & technology — and with good reason. The conference attracts the world’s most respected, innovative and successful business leaders — both as speakers and attendees. The potential insights and networking opportunities are uncapped.

UNLEASH already has conferences scheduled in 2019 in both London and Las Vegas.

But first, powerful HR movers and shakers from around the world will convene in Amsterdam to discuss the Fourth Industrial Revolution, human-AI collaboration, and automation. UNLEASH is not just a conference. It’s THE big event for HR professionals to get up to date on innovative tech twists.

The venue

Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre will host UNLEASH’s upcoming conference.

Located in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district, RAI has its own train and metro stations. It’s a massive complex of 22 conference rooms and 11 exhibition halls.

Europe’s largest conference center holds 50 international conferences and 70 trade shows annually. Accessible and spacious, as many as 2 million people visit here each year.

What to expect on the agenda

Everything related to human capital and technology is on the table at UNLEASH.

Leading execs will challenge how we can work a greater human focus into a digital fatigue era. Innovation should be simplifying our lives — not exhausting us. How can we leverage tech to fire up workforce engagement?

Get in the deep mindset of a job seeker’s journey. Learn how to hook high-quality talent before your rivals. Take a dive into the HR tech marketplace with a global industry analyst.

It’s a rich agenda. The freshest global insights from big brands, startups, and deal-makers are yours for the taking.

Don’t miss out on these keynote speakers

The UNLEASH Conference & Expo 2018 agenda offers an enticing panel of speakers and decision makers. You’ve got to listen to these thought leaders:

  • Matthieu Ricard: French author, Buddhist monk, and humanitarian. His TED talks on happiness and altruism have racked up views from over 8 million people.
  • Esther Perel: New York Times bestselling author of Mating in Captivity, which has been translated into 25 languages. Renowned psychotherapist. Her TED talks have received over 20 million views.
  • Stefan Hyttfors: Futurist, author, and two-time recipient of the Swedish Speaker of the year award. Top focuses: disruptive technologies, behavioral change, and next-gen leadership.
  • Andrew Keen: Author of four books, including How to Fix the Future: Staying Human in the Digital Age and international hit The Internet is Not the Answer. British-American entrepreneur. A controversial commentator on the digital revolution.
  • Chris Barton: Founder and board director of Shazam. His company invented and has commercialized ‘music recognition.’
  • Josh Bersin: Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, research and advisory firm focused on management, leadership, and HR tech. Listed in the Top 100 influencers in HR globally and the Top 25 Influencers in Talent Management. Bersin’s discussion will shed light on “HR Technology Disruptions for 2019.”

Marc Coleman, Founder and CEO of UNLEASH said, “I surmise that in all our years of producing inspiring keynotes for UNLEASH, having Esther and Matthieu joining us in Amsterdam will make a big difference and celebrates our new mission to inspire and transform the world for the better.”

“We need to humanize, look ourselves in the mirror and be happy again – at work and at home.”

Find what you’re looking for on the expo floor


Compelling presentations. Peers around the world leading interactive sessions. There’s a big venue here prime for exploration between sessions.

Let’s meet! We can’t wait to see you there. Visit us from WalkMe at Stage X, Booth 404. Check out our happy hour on October 23 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

On October 24 from 1:25 to 1:45 p.m., Gilad Friedman, Vice President of Channel Sales, and Morten Hedrich, Director of EMEA Channels, will tell you all about digital adoption strategy.

In Room E102 from 2:55 to 3:15 p.m., Gloria Akpojabo, Head of HR Systems, Compensation, Systems, and Services at Fidelity International will discuss her experience as a WalkMe customer. You’ll find out new strategies to power your HR transformation through self-service and automation. 

Oh, the connections you’ll make

UNLEASH’s two-day conference won’t just have incredible speakers. There will also be great opportunities to network with some of the world’s sharpest minds. Here’s a closer look:

Networking schedule for October 23

10:15 – 11:15 coffee and networking break 12:30 – 2:30 lunch and networking 3:15 – 4:00 coffee and networking 5:30 – 6:30 drinks and networking 7:00 cocktail party at The Roast Room

Networking schedule for October 24

10:15 – 11:15 coffee and networking break 12:30 – 2:30 lunch and networking 3:30 – 5:30 coffee and networking

Carpe diem (enjoy Amsterdam!)

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, to say the least. Consider world-class museums, idyllic canals, artisan microbreweries, and even the only floating market in the globe. Make this trip one for the books.

Gorgeous tulip fields in Boolenstreek could steal you away in your downtime. Try out a picnic at Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s 47-acre park. Wander through the Jordaan, and find anything from restaurants to art galleries along the way.

Craving art? Feast your eyes on over 800 years of Dutch paintings at the Rijksmuseum. Get inspired at the Van Gogh Museum with ‘Sunflowers.’ Comb through a wonderland of contemporary art at the Stedelijk Museum. Amsterdam’s cultured soul lives in Museumplein.

Whatever your heart desires, there’s something for everyone here. (Even if you just want to go beer tasting by a windmill.)

Keep the conversation going

Don’t let the conversation end there; not when it doesn’t have to. Track key posts using the hashtag #UNLEASH18. Stay connected during the conference, and keep discovering a powerhouse of info after.


Julie Lamb
Julie is a Gen Y-er born into the era of relentless disruptive innovation. She lives and breathes technology, captivated by how the digital revolution moves markets and transforms the modern workplace. As a former senior editor for an investing blog and regular contributor to leading financial publications, Julie has a laser-sharp eye for identifying and analyzing how emerging digital trends impact overall company performance.