The Salesforce Tool That Saves Sales Reps 2 Hours a Day

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated October 21, 2021

Sales reps are a crucial force within your business funnel. As the first human touch that your leads will have with your company, they significantly affect your bottom line.

Providing your sales team with the training and tools they need to succeed is the first step in enabling for success. However, this task is not a one-time CRM implementation. For your sales team to stay in line with the competitive forces of today’s market, you must ensure that they are continually supported with new digital tools.

In this interview, WalkMe’s Sales Development Team Lead EMEA & US, Ben Stepansky, shares his breakthrough discovery for how one Salesforce add-on saved his team hours.

WalkMe: Could you start by telling us a little bit about Supertools and how it helps your team?

Ben: In sales, we spend an incredible amount of time sifting through, and editing Salesforce reports. While Salesforce is a powerful tool, some of the processes are very time-consuming. The way Supertools works is it allows us to simplify our report in two ways: SuperEdit and SuperSearch.

SuperEdit allows Salesforce users to edit account information directly from the report view, rather than having to navigate into each account, edit, save, and return. SuperSearch allows us to conduct a smart Google-like search right from the Salesforce search bar. Using these two functions saves invaluable time that we can put back to making sales.

WalkMe: What was the setup process like? What did it look like for the end users?

Ben: The editor is very easy and quick to download. Once it’s downloaded, it automatically integrates with your Salesforce environment. I was up and running within minutes. The effect it has is immediate so I instantly rushed and shared it with my team of 20 reps.

“Instead of our focus being divided into time-consuming tasks like editing leads and searching for information we can now focus 100% of our energy and attention on scheduling.”

WalkMe: And what were the results?

Ben: The feedback from my team was tremendous. After the weekend it’s usually stressful and takes us a while to get back into our workflow. With Supertools, you can multitask a lot better. It let us focus on our core roles rather than the tedious, frustrating and elements of our job.

Simplify the way your sales team uses Salesforce with Supertools.

WalkMe: Is it safe to say that Supertools made it possible to focus on the substance of your day to day tasks rather than the process?

Ben: Absolutely. Supertools eliminates the least favorite parts of my job, giving me time to refocus my efforts and energy on what’s important. Instead of our focus being divided between time-consuming tasks like editing leads and searching for information we can now focus 100% of our energy and attention on scheduling.

“It increased our performance as a team immediately since it takes effect right away.”

WalkMe: How much time did Supertools save your team? And are there any other benefits that come from making these processes easier?

Ben: On average around 2 hours a day, we are also much sharper today and able to pay attention to details we were overlooking before. It increased our performance as a team immediately as it takes effect right away.

WalkMe: How has Supertools changed the workflow within your team?

Ben: Sales development is known to be very strenuous and sometimes tedious, by having the ability to simply edit on the fly not having to open up multiple tabs we are more focused and leads don’t get lost in translation anymore.

We deal with over 100 leads a day we now get to edit in seconds making our lives so much easier. It no longer takes us minutes or more to search for simple information we put in a few letters and bam everything I need is there.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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