August 16, 2021 / 33:02

We know that inclusion and equity in the workplace is ethically the right thing to do. But did you know that it also yields better business outcomes? Nina Baliga is VP of Client Experience and Equitable Strategies at InterviewIA. This conversation addresses the complicated but important systemic inequities that exist today and how crucial it is that we utilize technology to bridge those gaps and essentially make the world a better place starting at work.

Top Takeaways

  • 1Technology has the power to connect people Technology is trying to help workplaces become non-biased and genuinely recruit people based solely on their attributes; nevertheless, the code is written by humans who are inherently biased. Nina and her organization are working with an active awareness of these biases on creating solutions that will help companies hire candidates for all of the right reasons.
  • 2Skills can be transferable In order for people to get equal chances, we first need to understand that technology can always be learned and skills can be transferable. You could be a bartender who has incredible human communication experience and you could transfer those skills to being a customer success manager because you have the ability to listen, you have the ability to troubleshoot.
  • 3Your company’s focus should not only be on how technology evolves. It should be on how people change. How can someone grow and prosper within a team and a company? Be considerate of your employees and you can expect to have high-performing staff with the utmost loyalty.
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