This is what DAP can do! 3 ingenious solutions from top Digital Adoption Professionals

Ori Herrmann
By Ori Herrmann
Updated November 16, 2023

That’s a wrap on WalkMe Realize 2023! This year at Realize, our focus was on providing our customers, partners, and anyone on the digital adoption journey with a blueprint to value. In the lead-up to our event, we held a competition for you, our customers, to showcase the unique ways you utilize the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform and how you derive value from it. This contest aimed to highlight our best use cases for DAP and the DAP professionals implementing them. The premise of the contest was to demonstrate to the world the capabilities of DAP and the prowess of the people who make the magic happen.

We received numerous amazing entries, and we are truly excited by all the brilliant use cases. Today, however, we are here to focus on our three winners. In no particular order, we present to you our “I Didn’t Know DAP Can Do That!?” contest winners: 

Seeing is believing: Giving employees a full library of DAP solutions to realize its true value.

By Scott Yergin, WalkMe Product Owner @Accenture

Scott Yergin and the WalkMe Centre of Excellence (CoE) at Accenture set out to educate their organization about WalkMe’s capabilities. They developed an internal website, serving as a one-stop information hub detailing all features of WalkMe. But they didn’t stop there. They aimed to showcase WalkMe as not just an engaging interface but a powerful tool for solving real business problems.

Using WalkMe, Scott’s team built solutions around the Employee Experience framework, creating unique experiences for each user. Rather than a standard demo, internal team members engage with a realistic solution that truly demonstrates how the system functions with real daily tasks. This approach allows users to see firsthand how WalkMe can solve real issues and bring them value. 

The result? A solution that not only empowers employees to maximize their usage of the Digital Adoption Platform, but also serves as both an advertisement and a blueprint for other application owners within the organization, offering a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience of how WalkMe can effectively solve their business challenges.

We’re just having a chat: Using a ChatBot to turn requisitions into simple conversations.

By Jerome Peytavin, Team Leader, Purchase to Order Services @Smith+Nephew

Jerome Peytavin and his team at Smith+Nephew took an innovative approach to streamline their requisition workflow by incorporating WalkMe in SAP Ariba.

When Smith+Nephew issued a new order compliance requirement, the team used ActionBot to create a branching questionnaire that makes the process seamless for users. Now, when users create relevant requisition requests, ActionBot asks a series of questions, tailored to the requestor and the dollar value of the request, and allows them to respond in natural language. WalkMe collects the answers, pastes them in the comments field of the requisition, and sends the user to the next step. 

On the manager’s side, a separate questionnaire was developed. This questionnaire was designed to capture information about the available budget. By including this step, the managers could make informed decisions about approving or rejecting orders based on the budget constraints.

This double-sided questionnaire approach ensured a smooth flow of information, promoting clear goals, and alignment among project participants. The result is a streamlined requisition workflow that efficiently utilizes resources and maintains budgetary control.

Get ready to capture the flag: Gamifying training in the flow of work.

By James McInroy, Digital Adoption Lead @Recorded Future

At Recorded Future, James McInroy and his team use cookies to transition from initial onboarding content to ‘capture the flag’ content. This content uses a series of onboarding tasks that use hover states to validate the user’s findings and mark a task as completed. These hover states validate the answer with a final message or ‘ShoutOut’. The process starts when users navigate to a URL trigger, known as a permalink.

Recorded Future

This interactive training environment helps customers familiarize themselves with the software and common workflows. After 7 days, the cookies that display capture the flag content expire – reverting the content back to ‘onboarding content’.

By gamifying training, Recorded Future guides users through tasks, providing hints and validation. This innovative solution shows how traditional training methods can be replaced with dynamic experiences, enabling customers to get the most of the Recorded Future product right away.

Thanks for showing us what DAP can do!

We extend our thanks to all contest participants, with special congratulations to our winners: James, Jerome, and Scott. Hosting this contest was an honor and a fascinating opportunity to witness the creative ways in which our customers get the most out of WalkMe. More than just showcasing the incredible professionals we collaborate with, this contest was meant to provide insights into the remarkable solutions that can be built with WalkMe. We can’t wait to continue this journey together, building more value every step of the way.

Ori Herrmann
By Ori Herrmann
Ori is a Content & Creative Manager at WalkMe, where he excels in brand messaging and implementing effective content strategies. With a degree in Graphic Communication Management and experience in B2C content marketing & creative management, he helps WalkMe connect with its audience, fostering meaningful engagement.