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[eBook] Soothe Your Software Migration Growing Pains

[eBook] Soothe Your Software Migration Growing Pains

By Dannah Cahn

Have you ever tried to switch a large group of employees from one software to another?

It is no walk in the park.

Digital change is quick paced, and no business large or small can avoid running headlong into the monster called “software migration.” Optimizing operations means endless implementation of newer, better business solutions.

Although the project promises long-term ROI, its complex and arduous nature make it a headache for business leaders.

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The Challenges of Software Migration

[Excerpt from the eBook] 

There can be significant costs and risks to delaying software migration – maintaining older platforms can restrict growth opportunities. While one business waits, other nimble operators on more modern platforms can steal a competitive advantage.

Thankfully, investments in early-detection capabilities, people training, and backup processes are now reducing the impact of downtime. Before we find out how, let’s recap the challenges you face:

  1. Your software migration can be expensive, both in terms of labor costs and downtime
  2. Boards can be cautious to invest in migration, yet hesitancy brings its own risks
  3. Smart executives are using technology to reduce the risk of software migration

The Solution to Software Migration

This eBook dives into the core obstacles faced during a software migration and points readers towards actionable solutions.

Discover how to survive your next software migration with a free copy of the eBook. Get it today!


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