Software Demo: Your Guide to a Successful Demonstration

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated October 21, 2021

Whether you are constructing a software demo of your product to secure investment, boost sales or create an effective product demonstration, it is important to understand the best ways of demoing a product to achieve the top results. When executed effectively, product demonstration can lead to intrigue and buzz around your product.

A sloppy or flawed online demo, on the other hand, can confuse users, investors and buyers in terms of available features, and the goal and uses of the product. A smooth demo benefits not only your users and customers — it also sets the stage for your product to progress successfully.

Ensure smooth and effective software demo.

Goals of Online Demo Software

An effective online software demo possesses certain qualities that introduce your company and product in a multidimensional way. To impress your audience, go beyond the explanation of basic features and playbook list of tasks. Rather than a stale PowerPoint presentation, connect each talking point and feature you introduce to big picture vision.

Remember that like any other product, there is always an onboarding period. Getting users to adopt your product is based on your ability to capture your audience and communicate user instructions in a clear and enticing manner. Therefore, the most successful online software demos are the ones that respond to the bigger picture: giving answers to the question of bypassing the obstacles met along the way of reaching your desired goal.

How To Demo Your Product

A successful demo is like the guide that leads you through the confusion tunnel: paving the way towards your destination through a series of solutions (i.e. your product and its variety of features).

Imagine facing a problem. Now using this set of obstacles to construct your online software demo. You should portray a sequence of events that the user can choose in order to alleviate the original problem. Each step should clearly mark progress towards reaching the user’s destination.

Go from big to small, tackle the most intimidating challenge your users face, and carefully illustrate how your software eases this worry. Next, solidify your argument with all the details and components of the product demonstration. To conclude, dwell on the new destination you’ve reached using your unique software. What new outcomes have you reached because of this tool? What projections do you hold for the future where your software can again continue to demonstrate its worth and proprietary nature?

Presentation is Paramount

Graphics and visuals are important to retain users attention throughout your online software demo, ensure continued engagement and to keep things fun. If your audience becomes overwhelmed as you introduce different features, always relate back to the bigger picture you are offering. Remember you are providing a solution to the overarching challenge they are facing. A great demo will prove beneficial to users, customers and owners alike.

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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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