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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

The leaves are changing colors… fall is upon us, so why not grab your favorite warm beverage and cozy up to some of our favorite fall finds?


This month we chose our top articles and posts from seasoned entrepreneurs and business minds. Topics covered include valuable advice on marketing your business, engaging your employees,  boosting your sales, our very own WalkMe Dreamforce coverage, and what the future of big business is shaping up to be.


Take a deeper dive into these articles and discover these insights for yourself!



8 Common Myths about Digital Marketing – Busted

Think you know all there is about the world of digital marketing? Dafna Ben-Yehoshua, Content Manager at 3 Door Digital, breaks down eight of the top myths that might take you by surprise. Ben-Yehoshua highlights myths ranging from topics on display banners, websites, traditional marketing techniques – to negative feedback and social networking.

This article not only breaks down some myths that might have been holding you back, but notes facts that can help you reach your target audience and market your product to its full potential. Read more and test your knowledge now!



9 Ways to Get Your Attendees to Promote Your Event for You

The beauty of social media is its powerful ability to self promote and reach the masses quickly. This article by The Young Entrepreneur Council lists the nine ways you can kick back and let your followers promote a business event for you.

Each tip comes straight from the experience of a different entrepreneur, so you too can learn from their knowledge bank. Promotion ideas include providing catchy content, hot giveaways, getting attendees involved, and live blogging – just to name a few. This list might even turn on a lightbulb and make you think of other ways to push social media promotion in a whole new light.



The Invisible Bank of the Future

When was the last time you stepped into your local bank? Your answer might be some time ago. The future of banking is going digital – there’s no longer a need to stop by the bank to cash your checks or transfer funds.

Almost all of your tasks today can be accomplished online or through mobile applications. The Financial Brand digs deep to help us discover what the future of the banking business is revealing itself to be.

Will brick and mortar banking disappear all together? Find out what to expect and how technology is quickly altering the status quo  here!  


WalkMe News

You’re Probably Not Brainstorming Long Enough

Brainstorming is a key method that opens one’s mind to new possibilities and paths. The question is, what is the best way to brainstorm, and how long is this process supposed to last? While everyone brainstorms in a way that might work best for them, Neil Pavitt (Fast Company), highlights the fact that you might not be brainstorming far enough.

This post describes that the moment you might get stuck in the process, is where you need to push yourself over the hump – that is often the moment of true discovery.



Can a Corporation Have a Soul?

Large corporations are often thought of as greedy, power-hungry machines with a thirst to reach the top by any means. Michael B. Dorff, contributor at The Atlantic, takes us back in time to discuss the idea of big business and discusses this stigma in detail.

Dorff uses companies started by the likes of Henry Ford as an example to find out if you can build a successful conglomeration, without crushing morals. Also highlighted is the topic of public shareholders and how companies will need to evolve in order to truly change public perception.



Give Your Team More-Effective Positive Feedback

This link to the Harvard Business Review details an article on research to effectively support your team with positive reinforcement. Learn how positive feedback fully engages your employees and how this can propel your business to success.



WalkMe at Dreamforce ’16: What You Might Have Missed and What We Learned

Did you attend Dreamforce this year? Even if you missed this year’s event, maybe you want to get an inside point of view on what our very own WalkMe staff experienced this year and what we learned from attending the biggest Salesforce conference of the year. You don’t need to feel left out of the loop!



5 Incredibly Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Most Marketers Are Too Afraid To Try

Marketing is getting competitive these days, so why not try some out of the box techniques that most marketers are too afraid to try. Neil Patel, contributor at Forbes, gives us a head start, highlighting five ways to switch things up and be creative.

Ideas include embracing up-and-coming social media channels and not hesitating to recycle some of your most successful posts and content.


Three reasons carriers are building new cell networks for the Internet of Things

Cell phone networks are not only keeping up with the demand of the growing cell phone adopters around the globe, but are incorporating new networks to support battery life, cost, and overall wireless coverage. Discover how these networks are being built and exactly how they will support these needs that directly affect you.



How SaaS Companies Can Increase Average Account Values & Contract Sizes

Its no secret that most companies thrive off of new customer adoption and high retention rates, but this holds most true for SaaS companies. This article by entrepreneur Danny Wong, highlights ways in which SaaS companies can take advantage of their resources to achieve a reduction in sales costs and reach revenue goals.

According to Wong, prioritizing KPIs, understanding costs, and providing innovative tools for your employees are just some of the methods to achieving success in your field.


WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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