Lead from Anywhere: Kaye Hacker on How Workplace Learning Will Never Be the Same

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 8, 2023

As the Assistant VP of Learning and Development at State Farm, Kaye Hacker has decades of experience in the field. Hacker recently sat with WalkMe’s Global VP of Professional Services Dennis Mahoney to discuss the current changes in workplace learning.

In her talk, “Great News: Workplace Learning Will Never Be the Same” Hacker shares how entering the Next Normal, companies have an opportunity to create an accessible culture of learning.

State Farm is a well-established insurance company with over 60K employees, and including agents and team members, the learning audience stands at around 130 to 140K people. Ensuring that employees are trained and up-to-date requires training methods that allow for accessibility and flexibility. As Hacker says, “ Speed is a premium, providing learning with high-value solutions in a timely fashion and to be able to react quickly is very important.

Hacker cites WalkMe as being a tool that lets users “learn in the moment” and also gives insights into how to access WalkMe’s analytics and data to create more impactful user experiences.

For a taste of Kaye Hacker’s webinar, press play:

For more engaging insights from Kaye Hacker, go here to watch the full webinar.

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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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