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[Infographic] Customer Retention in the Age of the Customer

[Infographic] Customer Retention in the Age of the Customer

By WalkMe Team
Customer loyalty is one of the strongest currencies for today’s brands. Many industries are experiencing disruption when it comes to the power play between brand and buyers. The number of recent bankruptcies in the retail sector illustrates this trend. Today, consumers wield the axe. Ignoring your customer’s experience means putting yourself at risk to competition. Brand survival depends not only on satisfying customers’ immediate needs but creating an experience so positive that customers will return time and time again. According to Temkin Group, loyal customers are five times as likely to repurchase, five times as likely to forgive, and four times as likely to refer than non-loyal customers.

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Still not convinced? Check out this infographic with some compelling customer retention stats. Want to learn more about how to boost customer retention for your brand? We have got you covered.

Customer Retention in the Age of the Customer

Customer Retention


WalkMe Team
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