Accelerating business outcomes with WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)  

KJ Kusch
By KJ Kusch
Updated September 28, 2023

As WalkMe’s Global Field CTO, I’ve seen first hand how our digital adoption platform (DAP) helps customers facilitate faster application adoption, streamline business processes, and speed-up onboarding, amongst many other benefits. That’s why I was so happy to read IDC’s recent white paper, The Business Value of WalkMe, an in-depth exploration of how WalkMe DAP interacts with the enterprise tech stack and drives business outcomes.  

Widely recognized as one of the world’s leading research firms, IDC’s study used interviews with global WalkMe customers across industry sectors to quantify the specific benefits our DAP provides, including:

  • 60% faster adoption of new applications and features
  • 45% faster application migrations
  • 41% fewer business processes errors
  • 35% faster employee onboarding
  • $41.4 million in annual new revenue

Taken together, enterprises realize an outstanding 494% 3-year ROI on their WalkMe purchase. 

Here, I want to take a closer look at WalkMe’s ability to drive business outcomes and how IDC’s white paper validates our ability to rationalize the enterprise tech stack.

The ripple effect of business process optimization

While the stats cited in IDC’s white paper sound impressive on their own, it’s important to realize that these benefits don’t exist in a vacuum. Whether we’re talking about employee onboarding or change management procedures, WalkMe’s DAP creates a ripple effect, freeing up resources that can then be used to further enterprise goals.

Considering business processes may span across more than one application, a DAP’s true value lies in unifying workflows across these platforms. This functionality significantly reduces time wasted on data searches and context switching, promoting efficiency and productivity.

IDC White Paper: The Business Value of WalkMe

Take, for example, the 41% drop in business process errors that enterprises realize with WalkMe. How many people does this reduction free up down the line who don’t need to worry about checking workflows and conducting internal audits? How much time is saved by automating processes that are prone to errors? 

The point is that optimizing these business processes isn’t a one-time benefit – its impact is felt across applications and workflows, empowering employees to focus on impactful work that contributes to organizational goals. 

Analyzing the enterprise-wide benefits provided by WalkMe

I was in a meeting recently where a bunch of folks were saying that they can’t live without WalkMe because it’s such a time saver and just such a good tool. There’s evidence that people rely on it. We really use this to communicate information and changes to people, and now, they can’t imagine a world where this doesn’t exist.

WalkMe customer, Information Technology

One of the most striking things about IDC’s white paper is how it highlights the enterprise-wide benefits WalkMe delivers. When I speak with customers about the challenges we solve, it’s often with regards to departmental needs (how we streamline customer support functionalities or improve HR processes).   

But, as IDC confirms, WalkMe’s robust product capabilities can be used across the enterprise tech stack for any employee. This was evidenced by WalkMe customers who realized:  

  • More than 210,000 productivity hours gained 
  • 26% increase in employee job satisfaction  
  • 30% faster change management processes

Because employees are better at utilizing all the tools at their disposal, organizations can be nimbler in responding to customer needs. As one study participant noted, “We are absolutely more agile with WalkMe. There were a number of major projects we had to execute, and we managed to do it in COVID-19 conditions.

IDC White Paper: The Business Value of WalkMe

These benefits have a direct business impact, with enterprises realizing more than $10 million in annual revenue just from faster employee adoption of applications. Additionally, WalkMe customers saw a $368,000 reduction in operational costs.   

Looking to the future with WalkMe

As I can personally attest to, WalkMe’s newest features and capabilities continue to drive even greater business outcomes for our customers. These include WalkMe Discovery, which, as noted by IDC, “uncovers the technology used across an organization and provides data to help rationalize and optimize software investments, as well as opportunities to apply adoption”.

I’m excited to witness how our DAP will continue to drive innovation and empower organizations to thrive and surpass their business goals. To learn about how WalkMe can benefit your enterprise and optimize your digital efforts, download the IDC White Paper: The Business Value of WalkMe today.  

KJ Kusch
By KJ Kusch
KJ Kusch is the Global Field CTO at WalkMe and a specialist in driving customer advocacy and innovation. With 27+ years of experience, KJ’s expertise lies in using technology to achieve business outcomes and aligning technology strategies with business needs. She has previously served in leadership roles in diverse industries including manufacturing, banking, energy, and technology. KJ holds a BA and MBA from California State University and is actively involved in several charities, engineering consortiums, and Women in Technology groups.