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How TrueBlue Empowers Its Microsoft Dynamics Users

How TrueBlue Empowers Its Microsoft Dynamics Users

By WalkMe Team


TrueBlue Microsoft Dynamics Users


WalkMe’s VP of Customer Engagement, Emilia D’Anzica, interviews Ashley Steiner, the CRM Administrator at TrueBlue, Inc. They discuss the challenges that brought TrueBlue to WalkMe, and how contextual guidance software helped with onboarding their employees to Microsoft Dynamics. 

Emilia D’Anzica: Can you tell me a little bit about TrueBlue, Inc.?

Ashley Steiner: TrueBlue is a leading provider of specialized workforce solutions, connecting people and work. TrueBlue helps companies, large and small, increase their productivity by providing staffing and outsourcing solutions, specialized to their needs in their industry. We started 25 years ago, and are a $2.7 billion dollar company. With a wide range of workforce solutions, every day we help 100,000 people globally.

Can you tell me a little bit about the challenges you faced when training your Sales and Customer Team on Microsoft Dynamics?

Training our Sales and Customer Service (CS) team was taking quite awhile. New employees were sitting next to trained employees and shadowing them. It wasn’t hands-on training and it didn’t scale well. Also, the teams role-up into multiple people and each person requires you understand their expectations in regards to the role and what is expected in Microsoft Dynamics.

How did WalkMe Help your Team?

Implementing WalkMe helped us greatly increase productivity in the sales team. We now spend much less time on tedious data entry, and more time understanding and using the information to further sales.

WalkMe also quickened the onboarding process – we no longer need someone to physically sit with the trainee for six months to make sure they learn the necessary skills for the job. WalkMe helped us create a faster training program, which provides real-time, in-work training over the course of a week. 

How do you use WalkMe?

Today, 95% of our WalkMe usage involves Walk-Thrus for onboarding services and sales training. The Walk-Thrus offer contextual guidance to users wherever they are in the training or onboarding process. WalkMe is the first touch point for users when they begin onboarding on Microsoft Dynamics, and it provides continual knowledge reinforcement after training. At TrueBlue, users are required to go through all the Walk-Thrus before they can begin work. We also use the Analytics to view reports of employee usage, to make sure everyone is completing training. 

How did your Sales and Customer team respond to the real-time CRM guidance?

From a management perspective, the feedback about WalkMe has been very positive, especially from the CS leader. The impact on the team has been beneficial, and users are very happy with guidance for MS Dynamics. 

What were the benefits of using an in-platform solution?

Since adding WalkMe to our MS Dynamics training program, we’ve found that the training is much more impactful, and employees are able to accomplish more in less time. This also applies to tasks after completing training, because WalkMe is always available on the MS Dynamics platform. 

What is your vision for going forward with scaling your sales and customer service team?

Our vision going forward with WalkMe is to use it as a predictive platform, rather than just a guidance tool. We want users to be able to understand their performance, and answer questions such as: “Am I hitting my targets, and how I can improve my performance?” We are especially excited to use WalkMe on mobile – we plan to add tips and tricks for our sales team who is often on the road and in need of quick solutions.

About Ashley Steiner

Ashley Steiner is the CRM Administrator at TrueBlue, Inc. providing system management and support while driving strategic initiatives for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Ashley has been administering Dynamics CRM since version 4.0, giving her varied experience with implementation and software upgrades.  Her focus on the integration of business processes within technology as a means to ensure consistency and accountability set her apart as an invaluable business partner. She is the co-chair of the Seattle Chapter of the CRM User Group (CRMUG) and has been invited to speak at Convergence, Microsoft’s S4 Summit, and various CRMUG chapter meetings. Ashley is based in Tacoma, WA and enjoys traveling to warmer climates during the winter months.



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