How Citrix is Driving Customer Conversions

By Bo Amidor
Updated May 2, 2023

In a feature article on CMO Magazine, Citrix discusses how to use WalkMe to lift customer conversion rates.

boost conversions

– Brad Howarth, CMO Magazine

In the article, Jay Hall from Citrix tells the story of how WalkMe was initially engaged to help customers of its GoToWebinar Web conferencing service become accustomed to a new user interface.

Customer digital experience

But Citrix realized there was much more in it for them with WalkMe, and that the solution could also be useful in encouraging its ‘triallers’ to convert to paid versions.

Citrix conducted a test using a 50/50 split of its trial customers, and early results have shown a much faster conversion for the version that featured WalkMe.

boost Customer Conversion

Citrix also discovered a new benefit from WalkMe – the ability to promote and draw user attention to specific features within the product.

Customer experience

This is another testament to how smart companies like Citrix use technology (and in this case WalkMe) to achieve sustainable business growth from their SaaS solutions.


You can read the full article here.


By Bo Amidor
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