Go beyond: The evolution of the DAP professional

Maya Rice-Boshi
By Maya Rice-Boshi
Updated May 2, 2023

The evolution of the digital adoption platform (DAP) professional continues! Elevate 2022 kicked off on Tuesday, October 25th with a stellar keynote delivered by WalkMe’s own Chief Customer Officer, Wayne McCulloch.

Wayne McCulloch, Chief Customer Officer, WalkMe at Elevate 2022
Wayne McCulloch, Chief Customer Officer, WalkMe at Elevate 2022

Sharing the latest research and insights the industry has to offer, plus some exciting news for DAP, Wayne set the stage for the event that brought together the top digital adoption experts from far and wide. 

In an exciting update for both tenured and budding DAP professionals, the digital adoption space has been gaining momentum over the last year. With analyst firms such as IDC, Forrester, and Gartner publishing their first-ever DAP market scans and guides, 2022 marks a significant milestone for the growth of the DAP category. These influential firms are acknowledging the growing and urgent need for DAP.

"By 2025, 70% of organizations will use digital adoption platforms across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experiences." - Gartner Melissa Hilbert, Maria Marino, Stephen Emmott Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms 14 September 2022

Featured analyst reports include the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms, Everest’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment, and the IDC TechBrief: Digital Adoption Platforms.

Watch the keynote to learn what these updates mean for the future of the industry.

Data that speaks

As part of the keynote, key data was presented from WalkMe’s recently released State of Digital Adoption Report 2022, which featured survey results from 1,475 senior business leaders. The survey found that 67% of enterprises are under “incredible pressure” to accelerate digital transformation

The need for DAP now

Enterprises are losing millions of dollars each year due to software investments failing to provide expected ROI. In fact, only 50% of enterprises believe their digital software is realizing its full value. But, why is this happening? 

Change is hard, employees are ill equipped, and it has become abundantly clear that change management programs are failing – traditional methods are simply no longer enough. Collective challenges such as employee experience and user retention need to be addressed from a holistic perspective, and DAP is currently the only solution capable of supporting digital adoption at an enterprise level.

The professionals for the job

With DAP serving as the leading solution for enterprise digital adoption, it’s good news that the number of global DAP professionals is growing exponentially. Revealed during the Elevate opening keynote, our 2022 DAP Pro survey uncovered some fascinating insights into who is leading the industry, where they are coming from, and what skills they are bringing with them.

Elevate DAP Professional Survey Results

We learned a lot about this growing workforce, including  that DAP experts work across a wide range of departments, including IT, HR, and creative roles, with 75% serving multiple departments.

The pioneers

During Elevate’s opening keynote, digital adoption experts Paige Clarke, Steffaney Zohrabyan, and John Prescott shared insights into their journeys with digital adoption. They discussed the importance of DAP becoming part of the conversation sooner rather than later, and the crucial role of being a solo cheerleader for the technology for however long it takes. Why? Change takes time! 

Left to right: Paige Clarke, Steffaney Zohrabyan, and John Prescott at Elevate 2022

Signing off, these industry leaders shared their hopeful visions for the future of DAP and we are so excited to see just how right they will be! These professionals are set to carry their enterprises forward towards successful digital transformation over the coming years, leading as shining examples for the rest. 

On a closing note

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in Elevate ‘22, whether in-person or from afar. Your contribution to this special event is appreciated and we can’t wait to see you at the next event!

Watch the livestream on-demand to learn more. 

Go beyond: The evolution of the DAP professional_ Watch the keynote
Maya Rice-Boshi
By Maya Rice-Boshi
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