The Key to Effective Leadership According to the Women of WalkMe

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023
The digital age has brought about a whole new era of business operations. With an influx of disruptive technologies, changing work behaviors and global talent shortages – business leaders must be prepared for anything that comes their way. In honor of International Women’s Day, we are featuring just a few of the talented, driven women working at WalkMe. We asked them one question: In your experience, what makes a great leader? Their sage advice will inspire even the most seasoned business executive.

1. Caroline Meidan

walkme support
“With the fast-moving pace of technologies, service providers must adjust quickly and keep up to speed with market changes. If a few years ago changes took months or years to implement, today adjustments happen quickly and often. Accomplishing this involves a whole new outlook from management. Managers must act fast, follow new technologies closely, shorten training and onboarding phases, include efficient procedures and create alignments by integrating various tools. Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to apply the changes you think will make a difference! Just make sure to test for quality and have the right measurements in place to make sure the results are positive.”

2. Brittany Rolfe

walkme customer engagement
“I find that the best leaders help their team and colleagues be the best versions of themselves.    By being in tune with the strengths of each individual, they can empower each person to perform at their max. But these leaders are also extremely self-aware of who they are: they know and play to their strengths, and they surround themselves with incredibly talented people to help them tackle the rest.”

3. Vered Shaked

walkme marketing
“Beyond leadership grand statements, we need to remember that at the end of the day, we’re dealing with human beings. No two people are alike. Inspirational leaders need to be able to identify the various stakeholders’ unique keys to motivation and get them authentically excited and passionate about the broader vision.”

4. Adi Janowitz

walkme customer success
“With so much to do and so few hours in the day, we must deeply love and care about our work. If this is true, results will follow. It is important to remember that it is not the tangible things we create that have meaning, but the intangible ones. Learn how to establish meaningful relationships. Learn how to absorb and distribute knowledge. Learn to interpret co-leaders’ driving interests in order to seek win-win solutions. As a business leader, these skills are your toolbox of value in the workplace.”

5. Maya Sheinman

walkme sales development
“A strong leader is one that thinks outside the box and one who is constantly looking to improve. Especially in a digital environment, we are always looking for different ways to optimize every aspect of our work — from the way we use applications to our business rules and processes.   I believe that communication is the key to success, especially for a big team. One of the reasons we are so successful is that I get my team’s input before making a final decision on a managerial level. They are my eyes in the field and an integral part of driving key changes in the department.”

6. Orit Nahum

walkme finance
“The way I see it, it is critical to have a deep understanding of the business model and internal processes. When I want to get something done, I am able to approach the relevant stakeholders from a place of knowledge and understanding — not just my niche, but a “big picture perspective.” I don’t just look at numbers. I try to look at any situation from multiple angles. People respond well to that because I bring value to bigger goals beyond just my department.”

7. Jodi Yanovich

walkme HR
“As a leader in the Human Resources field, I find that one of the most important traits you need to succeed is creativity. I’ve realized that there’s rarely a challenging situation that you can’t solve if you remain calm and open minded. Creative thinking helps me in many aspects of HR — from supporting hyper growth to mentoring employees, managers and HR team members dealing with challenging situations. I have been able to tackle obstacles through creative solutions such as recruitment techniques like meetups and employee referral programs, and putting together unique HR processes that support WalkMe’s culture. For me, staying up to date on the latest HR trends and technology as well as reading relevant blogs and posts by industry leaders all inspire this type of creative thinking.”
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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