Top 9 Digital Transformation Leaders you Should be Following

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

Digital Transformation is moving forward and these individuals are putting the pedal to the metal. In researching the most influential digital transformation leaders from around the world, we found that this issue goes well beyond having the most innovative idea. Digital transformation leaders are finding novel ways to make a difference in business and society.

Leading Digital Transformation Professionals

Digital Transformation Leader - Diego Ventura

1. Diego Ventura, CEO, noHold

Diego Ventura makes the Digital Transformation Leaders List for his work on helping people communicate with computers. He made headway as the CEO of STEFRA by laying the groundwork for video conferencing technology such as Skype. Today, Ventura leads noHold, recently recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in AI. noHold uses AI to create virtual agents for customer support and more. Business Insider cites both STEFRA and noHold as examples of Ventura being ahead of his time.

Digital Transformation Leader - Mary Jarrett

2. Mary Jarrett, IT4IT Manager, Shell

Mary Jarrett is a shoo-in for the Digital Transformation Leaders List. Having overcome her shyness, she has led one of the largest enterprise digital transformations to date. Under her initiative, IT4IT, Jarrett has led Shell to streamline more than 5,000 business applications, 10,000 IT staff, 25,000 servers, 140,000 computers across 1,800 locations. Her reputation now precedes her as a respected leader for streamlining large and complex enterprise IT systems.

Digital Transformation Leader - John Vary

3. John Vary, Innovation Manager, John Lewis

John Vary makes the Digital Transformation Leaders List for his innovative approach to conventional shopping. He led a team of engineers, programmers and designers to enhance the experience of furniture shopping at John Lewis starting with the creation of the interactive sofa studio. Vary has made it clear that even the companies making our chairs can leverage digital disruption for their own benefit.


Digital Transformation Leader - Mark Bartlett


4. Mark Bartlett, Chief Experience Officer, FPX

Mark Bartlett established himself as a digital transformation leader by bringing his “experience-driven commerce” approach to big name companies. The list includes giants such as: United Airlines, Walmart, Home Depot, Estée Lauder, LVMH, Bank of America, Boeing, GlaxoSmithKline, McKesson and Dow. Today he works as the Chief Experience Officer at FPX, a leader in Enterprise Management Solutions which helps enterprise companies undergo digital transformation.


Digital Transformation Leader - Leigh Smyth

5. Leigh Smyth, Head of Group Digital Inclusion, Lloyds Banking Group

Leigh Smyth makes the Digital Transformation Leaders List for her work on digital inclusion. So many aspects of society have digital elements, it is easy for those without the right digital skills to experience economic disadvantage. Think of searching and applying for jobs; without the skills to write and send a document, an individual’s options are greatly limited. Leigh champions just five basic digital skills to make sure individuals, businesses and charities can prosper from the benefits of digital.

5 Digital Skills

Digital Transformation Leader - Greg Van den Heuvel

6. Greg Van den Heuvel, COO, Pitney Bowes Software

As a leader of a nearly 100 year old company, founded with roots in the postal system, Greg Van den Heuvel, COO at Pitney Bowes, understands how digital can disrupt business. A company reaching its centennial must be under the direction of those who know how to evolve and transform; Heuvel fits the bill and therefore makes the Digital Transformation Leaders List. He continues to push the “envelope” by emphasizing the importance of physical location in a digital world. Huevel is quoted in a Forbes Insights report advocating “Location-based data, aligned with data analytics, is critical when it comes to businesses taking advantage of the IoT.”


Digital Transformation Leader - Stephanie Trunzo

7. Stephanie Trunzo, Chief Digital Officer & COO, PointSource

Stephanie Trunzo has an extensive background working on the forefront of technology including a 13 year stint at IBM. Today she works as the COO, Chief Digital Officer and Partner at PointSource, a Globant Company which helps clients navigate digital transformation. While all of this is impressive, Trunzo truly sets herself apart by engaging the next generation in digital transformation through her role as an Advisory Board Member of TechGirlz Charitable Foundation which aims to close the gender gap in technology.


Digital Transformation Leader - Prosper Williams

8. Prosper Williams, AVP Digital Adoption & Communications, Barclays

Prosper Williams is a proponent of customer-first digital transformation. As the Assistant Vice President of Digital Adoption and Communications at Barclays, he has ground to advocate for end-to-end customer lifecycles and design thinking. Williams suggests that digital transformation means we can look forward to company cultures that are consumer-obsessed.

Digital Transformation Leader - Marc Singer

9. Marc Singer, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

As a leader of Digital McKinsey, Marc Singer has extensive experience helping companies grow from their digital opportunities. However, his influence as a Digital Transformation Leader isn’t limited to his clients. He is also the co-author of “Net Worth: Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules” and has contributed to publications such as McKinsey Quarterly, Harvard Business Review, CRM Magazine and Forbes.

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