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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023
Employee productivity and customer experience can be negatively impacted by the sheer number of digital applications employed by any one business. Silicon Valley’s leading technology research and advisory firm, Constellation, has released a report addressing this issue and points to the emerging technology, Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) as the solution. “BIG IDEA: Digital Adoption Platforms, A New Breed of Software Helps Improve User Adoption of New Technologies” was written by Alan Lepofsky, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, with Content Editors, R “Ray” Wang and Courtney Sato. Download your full copy of the report for free:

The Need for Digital Adoption Platforms

The report discusses two instances where adoption is important for a business: employee productivity and customer experience.

The Employee’s User Experience

Employees may be logging into multiple systems just for communication, from email and messaging apps, to project management tools and shared documents. There are many position- and department-specific applications to manage customers, analytics, development, and other business functions. Add on top the administrative systems such as HR platforms that are only used for rare, yet crucial, tasks like performance reviews and vacation requests. All of these play important roles in the digital workplace, but together can quickly overwhelm the modern employee.

The Customer’s User Experience

Customers also face digital adoption complexity when engaging with brands. In addition to a brand’s owned website, social media has spread information and engagement across multiple platforms. Shopping may occur on one or multiple websites, with support hosted in a different system. Each separated system makes the user experience a degree more complex. In a hyper-competitive digital marketplace, the complexity of engaging with a brand can discourage customer experience. Competitors are, after all, just one simple click away. Digital Adoption Platform

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User Experience Issues Impede Software Adoption

The report identifies four user experience issues that impede software adoption.
  1. “Yet another tool syndrome”
  2. Inconsistent experiences across devices
  3. Confusing (or ignored) software updates
  4. Personalization and customization complexity
You might notice that all of these happen to stem from the benefits of flexible and fast-evolving systems floating in our revered Cloud. This is not to say anything negative about the platforms, applications, and systems businesses use to make and save more money. The user experience issues found in Constellation’s research are simply consequences of using the latest and greatest technology. There are few precedents for how the internet should look, be structured and behave. The result is a variety of experiences the user must adapt to which challenges true adoption.

How Digital Adoption Platforms Work

According to Constellation’s research, DAPs solve the user experience issue when they include four key characteristics: seamlessness, context awareness, intelligence and personalization.

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A DAP improves the user experience by offering information at the moment it is needed, where it is needed, and fit for the user who needs it. WalkMe’s DAP does this by adding a contextual guidance layer on top of the existing website, with machine learning and artificial intelligence simultaneously working to understand the user’s behavior and tailor the guidance being offered. Constellation’s report proposed a model to judge the maturity of DAPs seen in the image below. At the third stage of maturity, Algorithmic, DAPs should be able to predict user behavior and proactively suggest a course of action, easing the friction of complex, overwhelming and disjointed user experiences. Having demonstrated advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, WalkMe has proven its execution of this vision. Digital Adoption Platform Businesses with mature DAPs will also benefit from the insights they gain. Being able to see user behavior and identify previously unknown issues, changes can be made to improve systems and further promote adoption.

Read Constellation’s Full Report Regarding Digital Adoption Platforms

Constellation Research is a technology research and advisory firm based in Silicon Valley that conducts research on emerging technologies, and identifies and validates trends. This report, which is part of Constellation Research’s Future of Work research theme, defines the business need for Digital Platforms, discusses their benefits and provides example use cases. Sign up below to receive your free copy of the report.
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.