Designing a data-first DAP strategy

Christi Lopez
By Christi Lopez
Updated May 2, 2023

Bummed that WalkMe Elevate 2022 is over? Me too! It was here and gone in a blink, but was such an amazing experience, so let’s keep talking about it! Let me first say that I was both excited and nervous when I was asked to speak, but quickly became obsessed with my topic. Kudos to WalkMe’s Lacey and Andrew for helping me refine my content. I couldn’t have asked for better coaches, we got along like three peas in a pod! Additionally, meeting and getting to know so many DAP Pros at the conference was amazing, as well as finally getting to put faces to many of the WalkMe crew. 

Now that some time has passed, I encourage you to make a big cup of coffee and watch the Elevate recording again with fresh eyes. Now that I’m home in my comfy office with no distractions, I was able to score even more amazing tips from everyone, as well as relive some key funny moments! Bonus! 

Here’s a recap of some central takeaways from my session, so put your #DAPpingCap on and start refining your data-packed DAP strategy for 2023 now!

Pro tip #1: Content planning is crucial

Well-thought-out content is so important; when users know that you consistently release “helpful help”, they will learn to trust it – and you – and frequently engage. Broken content will turn people off to what you have to say and be reflected in your numbers later on.

To build well-thought-out content and “helpful help”, think about the user journey and how many potential things someone may see. If you turn into an annoyance and get in the way of them working, they will ultimately close your messages and not engage, no matter how good or helpful your message was.

In summary: don’t bombard the masses. Not only does it not deliver the great user experience that you’re looking for, but it also skews your data. If 75% of users are closing a particular message because it doesn’t apply to them, those X clicks impact your close rate. Instead, try using Behavior-Based Segmentation (my favorite!) to target specific users and get a true representation of your engagement metrics. 

Pro tip #2: Don’t let data scare you

It’s never too late to start being data-driven, and you don’t need to be a “data master” to provide valuable statistics and feedback.

If you are tracking a new feature and don’t have any past results to compare it to, try speaking to the people who will use it to measure time spent on the current process this feature will improve or enhance (this is especially powerful when the previous / current process is manual), as well as  user sentiment. Did you improve the user experience and are they happier now? That counts too!

To get a good understanding of engagement, you can start by tracking these simple things:

  • User Count – available via WalkMe Insights data
  • Plays – available via WalkMe Insights data
  • Page Views – use URL Tracked Event to monitor traffic
  • Save Clicks – use URL Tracked Event + Save Element Click to track new feature adoption
  • Edit Clicks – use URL Tracked Event + Edit Element Click to track new feature maintenance

Pro tip #3: Level up your goal setting 

Discuss goals at the beginning of your project with key stakeholders, aligning on what is important to them.  That being said, don’t be afraid to suggest ideas. Stakeholders may not be familiar with what WalkMe is capable of measuring, and there is a good chance they’ll be receptive to your input. 

It can help to set up a data delivery schedule and stat sheet early on, so you can professionally deliver your results when the time comes. Create measurable and specific goals, with concrete timelines and clear-cut actions. Remember: just because you say “goal” in your goal doesn’t mean it’s a good goal :).

How to set effective goals

The trick to setting good goals lies in specificity. The more accurate your goals are, the more measurable they become. 

For example, see the two goals outlined below.

Mediocre: Get more people to use our software features.

Masterful: Have 90% of users create their Territory Plans in Salesforce® by December 1st.

Extra credit: Elevate your pro status

As the DAP Pro that everyone knows and loves, you’ve already done tons of great solutioning and tracking, so don’t stop now and leave your data in the abyss. Sharing your success and DAP roadmap is so important (and fun!) and will inspire collaboration and growth among your peers and across your organization. 

Challenge: Create your own DAP newsletter

Ready to take your DAP success sharing to the next level? Try creating your very own DAP newsletter.


  1. Select one of the simple templates linked in the resources below
  2. Explore the Overview and Apps Overview in WalkMe Insights to find great metrics 
  3. Include an area for interesting things, like mentioning coworkers and accomplishments
  4. Commit to a schedule and deliver your newsletter to key stakeholders
  5. Sit back and watch the compliments and praise pour in!


Designing a data-first DAP strategy
Christi Lopez
By Christi Lopez
Christi Lopez is the WalkMe Administrator at W.L. Gore & Associates. She has been recognized in the top 1% of WalkMe builders, a DAPP Top 100 winner, was a guest speaker at the WalkMe Elevate 2022 conference, and a guest educator as well as Realizer Finalist at the WalkMe Realize 2022 conference. She has mixed her experience in customer service with her love of technology over the past eleven years as a DAP specialist, technical educator, and writer, with a primary focus on creating excellent user experiences. When not DAPping, Christi loves to spend time with her family, is an avid DIYer, and continuously spreads joy through her baked goods.