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DAP Professional Spotlight: Matt Block

DAP Professional Spotlight: Matt Block

By WalkMe Team

Positive Behavior Supports Corp. (PBS) is an organization made up of over 1000 behavioral analysts who build and implement personalized mental health care plans to empower individuals and help improve their quality of life.

They work with these people in a variety of settings, from schools to homes, as well as out in the community. With a dispersed workforce that performs fieldwork in real-time, Senior System Analyst Matt Block has found a way to help the organization face its remote software challenges.

In this interview, we learn how Matt has utilized DAP to provide PBS employees the tools to build the same level of self-sufficiency they help their clients achieve.

1. How did you become a DAP professional? And what problems were in the company that led to the creation of the DAP professional role?

Matt: PBS provides ABA services to families across many US states and parts of Canada. The majority of our team members are remote in the field, and it can be hard to disseminate info and train users of our tools. PBS found WalkMe to help us meet those challenges. I am blessed that I was chosen to be the designated DAP professional on our team. I couldn’t be happier and have enjoyed learning how to utilize all that WalkMe has to offer.

2. How is DAP used at your company?

Matt: We have many onboarding tasks we have tied together to welcome new team members, and train them on utilizing our site, “TheABAField”. Additionally, we have countless launchers and SWT’s [Smart Walk-Thrus] across our site to support team members. We are working to include WalkMe content in our AI tool in the future.

3. What have been the greatest successes in implementation and DAP usage at your company?

Matt: Reducing the number of support tickets submitted. Often team members would submit tickets simply because they didn’t know where or how to complete a task. Now they can get prompted first by WalkMe before contacting support.

4. What are your biggest challenges as a DAP professional?

Matt: Learning CSS and jQuery, but I am always up to learn something new!

5. What excites you the most about being a DAP professional? 

Matt: Being a leader in the Digital Revolution! I am most excited by combining my love of teaching and technology to assist users in getting the most out of digital content.

6. How would you describe being a DAP Professional in 3 words?

Matt: Excitement Innovation Vital

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