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By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

September Selections are here and WalkMe has hand picked what we believe are some very insightful articles of the past month. The articles range from highlight integrations of technology in global business, valuable management and marketing advice, and tips for employee engagement that can’t be missed.


Hope you enjoy and share these tips with your colleagues!


Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better

Diversity is key to a well balanced society, but have you ever thought what it means for your business? 3 experts in their field break down why diversity equals success in the business world and how it has lasting effects on employees. Differences in thought process, conflict creation/solution, and point of view are just some of the topics discussed here. Read more about what David Rock, Heidi Grant Halvorson, and Jacqui Grey have to say.


Can the Public Beat GM, Google and Uber on Self-Driving Cars?

There are three major players in the self-driving car industry, but you can be a player too. Udacity, online technology educator, is creating a venue for the public to learn how to control and add value to self-driving cars and their technology. Alex Moazed, an application creator himself, explains that Google, Uber, and other key controllers of the industry will need to adapt in order to compete with open sourced platforms such as Udacity. The race is on!

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Inside Google’s Internet Justice League and Its AI-Powered War on Trolls

When you think of the word Troll, you might think of the 90’s fad toys with crazy neon hair that kids used to collect on their windowsill. Today, troll has a whole new meaning, referring to an individual who invites arguments or posts provocative or sometimes derogatory comments online. Due to the fact that the internet is so free, trolls have run free, but Google has created a new AI tool, called Jigsaw, that might make headway in cleaning up the mess trolls have created.


B2B: The More Things Change…

This link is collective database of articles in itself, an expert roundup of advice for B2B success. Read more from various experts on how to keep up with the changes in B2B interactions, while not forgoing the basics.  

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Oracle and Salesforce and IBM? Oh my! Here comes AI Sprawl

AI is the new “It Factor” when it comes to business intelligence. Big players like Oracle, Salesforce, and IBM are releasing new AI technologies to complete their package deals. Author Larry Dignan reminds us that these AI tools need to be meaningful and make sense, or “AI Sprawl” will begin to run rampant in the world of business marketing.


We Increased Our Conversions by 907% and so Can You

We might not have to explain to you that quality over quantity of your leads is successful to the growth of your company, but how is this achieved? Walkme integration has has proven successful in turning over traffic into valuable leads. Learn how you can too!


Cruise founder Kyle Vogt on why he joined forces with GM

An interesting tie in to the Article we discussed earlier surrounding Udacity, comes the discussion of GM takeover of Cruise Automation. It seems like there is a great deal of growth in this sector and GM wants a piece of the cake too. Founder of Cruise Automation, Kyle Vogt joined others onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt to talk more about why he partnered with GM and how it will add value to the business.


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Can’t Buy Me (Customer) Love Part I

We can definitely apply one of the Beatles most famous songs to Business customer experience marketplace. It is very likely that you really can’t buy customer love. What do we mean by love? Gift cards, rewards, discounts, these are all fleeting moments of attraction, not true long-term loyalty.

This article highlights how to win the hearts of your customers by focusing on the strength and quality of your customer service and how you will listen to their needs and wants. Fast shipping, product quality, no hassle returns, and knowledgeable sales representative are some of the weapons to win over customers with your support offering. Focus on developing a relationship with your customer first.


Venture Communism: How China Is Building a Start-Up Boom

Communism and Start-Up entrepreneurship might not seem like they fit in the same sentence, but China is trying to start a new budding relationship. Policy makers are paving the way for entrepreneurship. They are hoping that this new path will develop a new economic future, beyond large factories and low cost labor – a quality future.

The have encouraged innovators to move to cities like Suzhou, by means of access to loans and subsidiaries, to begin building a new incubator for a booming startup city. Read more about their vision and how they are planning on achieving this in the years to come.


Goodbye, Ivory Tower. Hello, Silicon Valley Candy Store

Peter Cole, a Ph.D professor at Harvard university, left what many would call a “dream job” to chase his personal aspirations in Silicon Valley. Start-ups and companies like Airbnb are looking to well educated economic professors like Cole to help them analyze data and determine their best next steps in the market place. The race to understand how digital marketplaces has caused these companies to recruit economist aggressively to “squeeze more money out of old markets and build new ones.”


6 Surprising Insights Of Successful Employee Engagement

Leaders in the business world have come to the realization that an employee-employer relationship is not as simple as that of a horse and carriage. An employee must be engaged to be successful in the company and ultimately provide benefits to the company itself. An engaged employee provides better quality of work and wants to reach the same goal of the business.

Mark Crowley, a leadership consultant and public speaker, shares six tips and insights in how to instill employee engagement in the workforce, ranging from caring leadership to enlisting self-respect and support.




WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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