How CenturyLink Saved 774 Hours in Salesforce Onboarding

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Updated May 2, 2023

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview Shelley Huber, Senior Program Operations Manager at CenturyLink. As a preface to her talk at last year’s Dreamforce, we discussed the challenges she faces with respect to the onboarding process of her sales team, and the role WalkMe has played in addressing those challenges.

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On October 4, 2016, with an eager Dreamforce audience, Shelley discussed in-depth how she scaled a global sales team. During the session, aptly titled “How to Leverage Salesforce to Build a Killer and More Productive Sales Team”, she shared her experience and insight on the use of WalkMe within their organization. Here is what we can learn:

CenturyLink’s Challenge


In the last decade, CenturyLink has undergone tremendous growth by way of numerous mergers and acquisitions. For Huber’s sales team, however, the unprecedented expansion presented challenges in the training process. CenturyLink’s software training processes lacked efficiency. Sales professionals were spending more time training and less time out in the field with potential customers. Overall, there was a decline in productivity and engagement within her team.


Salesforce Onboarding - CenturyLink

The Solution

As a leader in an industry that is rapidly changing and expanding, Shelley had to find a robust solution to CenturyLink’s onboarding problem — one that could keep pace with their accelerated growth. This is where WalkMe proved its value for her and her team. WalkMe helped CenturyLink take their Salesforce experience to the next level by providing an in-platform training solution at the time of need.

Salesforce Onboarding

WalkMe works as a code-free layer on top of any web-based software. This allows each employee to learn at their own pace, on their own time, while doing actual tasks. WalkMe also serves as self-support — users can refer back to the widget for guidance at any point. This not only speeds up the training process, it ensures technology never prevents employees from hitting their goals.

The Results

Over a span of three months, CenturyLink gave WalkMe access to a group of 200 sales professionals — both new hires with no CRM experience and seasoned employees. The trial implementation proved successful. They observed a significant decrease in a number of requests sent in for assistance on Salesforce.

Gradually, CenturyLink rolled out WalkMe access across their entire sales team over Q1 and Q2 of 2016. The results have been invaluable. With over 3,000 users now leveraging WalkMe on Salesforce and over 2,000 walk-thrus played, CenturyLink has recorded a 31% decrease in assistance requests, 774 hours freed up for sales, and a reduced classroom time.


Salesforce Onboarding - CenturyLink

By leveraging WalkMe to navigate through Salesforce, CenturyLink was able to make things simpler for their sales team. The in-app assistance frees up time for the sales team to do what they do best – selling and generating more revenue for CenturyLink.

You can read the full interview or watch a clip of Shelley speaking here.

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About Shelley Huber



Shelley Huber has been employed by CenturyLink for the last 17 years. Shelley also holds a BA in Marketing and an MBA. She led training delivery and development teams for the Global Markets organizations, prior to moving to the newly created Process Optimization team in 2015.

Shelley’s first assignment on her new team was to launch a pilot of the WalkMe tool in Salesforce, with the goal of increasing the productivity for sales professionals. The pilot proved successful, and today CenturyLink has over 3,000 users in WalkMe.

Huber is currently serving as President of the Board of Directors for Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee, a member of Feeding America. She also mentors young people through TNAchieves program which helps students transition to higher education. She also serves as a Peer Navigator for F.O.R.C.E., providing support for women facing decisions surrounding hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

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