Learn from ADP How to Future-Proof Your L&D Program

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 8, 2023

Learning & Development departments have had to adjust quickly to tailor their global learning strategies to keep in line with remote work. ADP is one of those companies making strides to step out of traditional learning modes. Andrea Elkin, VP and Head of Enterprise Learning at ADP, was the featured speaker at WalkMe’s mini masterclass “Future-Proof Your L&D Program”.

Christopher Lind, host of Tech Learning Talks facilitated the conversation, delving into practical tips as well as Elkin’s top pillars for an award-winning L&D strategy such as:

  • Create an elegant, end-to-end learning experience: Transform the learning function and experiment with different technologies and capabilities.
  • Leverage data to demonstrate value and make better decisions — show that you can solve the problems.
  • The learning experiences have to be sought after by associates — are these learning engagements helping them advance their careers? Make it fun!

The audience tuned into the mini master class participated as well, citing the most important goals of an employee L&D strategy as shortening time to value of new employees and reducing the number of customer care inquiries.

Elkin shared that knowledge management is usually overlooked with comes to planning an L&D strategy. She cites that products like WalkMe help make the lives of associates a little better. Whether that’s on the client level or internal employee, in the end, people will “appreciate the experience they are having with you and will be able to get through their day better. “

For top webinar highlights please watch below. 

To watch the full webinar, please go here

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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