3 Ways to Engage Employees with a Chatbot: Brookfield Properties Brings Workday® to Life

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated July 13, 2022

Brookfield Properties knows what it takes to go from concept to concrete and blueprint to building. To them, an engaged workforce is no joke. As a fully integrated developer and leader in real estate technologies and innovation, employees are fully equipped with the top technology. So their adoption of Workday® needs to be seamless.

Brookfield Properties chose WalkMe as the digital adoption solution to best maximize Workday®. Here are three ways they optimize employee engagement with their WalkMe chatbot.

Show employees that they are valuable 

In order to give employees the best digital experience, Brookfield Properties created Alyx, a fun and upbeat bot that guides employees to information that ensures their success. Alyx makes the experience using Workday® easy and intuitive and inevitably leads to higher productivity and efficiency. A chatbot should connect the users to the software utilizing automation and guidance features.  The leadership knew that an engagement tool was necessary when the employees asked for Alyx themselves! Recognizing that the full value of Workday® was not being fully unlocked through regular use, employees asked for an AI solution that would allow them to better navigate the application.

By greeting new employees with an engaging chatbot like Alyx, employees feel valued, supported, and guided from the very first day at the company. Onboarding success should not be underestimated. Talent retention relies heavily on the employee’s experience during onboarding. Research shows that 28% of employees quit within the first three months of joining a new company.

With Alyx, employees are welcomed and immediately supported with technology – inviting them to fully utilize the amazing value of Workday® and to succeed in their careers.

Automate tasks as much as possible

People are social beings by nature, and learn better through interactive communication. One of the main perks of a chatbot is the ability to communicate with the user through interactive dialogue. For many users, searching through an archive of information is daunting and unmotivating. While asking a friendly chatbot “How can I submit this?” is easy. A chatbot that answers questions is great, but a chatbot that completes the task for the user is a game-changer.

Alyx, Brookfield Properties’s bot, has the unique WalkMe capability to not only guide employees through Workday® but complete their tasks for them automatically. 

Integrate chatbots for ease of use

What if your organization has multiple chatbots for different software?

Many top-of-the-line software applications now offer chatbots to increase user adoption. Brookfield Properties use IBM’ Watson Assistant on ‘Compass,’ their intranet site. But use WalkMe on Workday®. Both IBM and WalkMe offer chatbots. Fortunately, these chatbots can be integrated and join forces to offer one amazing and interactive engagement solution through Alyx. 

Their IBM’s Watson Assistant is also branded as Alyx. Watson’s chatbot and WalkMe’s chatbot share their data in order to provide employees with information and process completion across both applications. The ability to integrate with other chatbots is extremely important when selecting software with chatbot functionality. 

Brookfield Properties has done an exemplary job implementing and maximizing its use of chatbots for its workforce. Employee engagement is critical for organizational transformation and success.

Special thanks to Janet DeSousa from Brookfield Properties for sharing insights into their digital adoption success techniques.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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