11 Chief Digital Officers Leading Transformation in the Digital Workplace

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated July 13, 2022
A new force is emerging in the C-suite. As evolving digital technology shifts responsibility among executives, the need for dedicated digital leadership is becoming clear for many companies. Chief Digital Officers are responsible for providing the oversight, vision, and strategy for an organization’s digital technologies. This extends beyond the company’s IT infrastructure. Digital strategies must be suited to address the ongoing effort of digital transformation. They must promote innovation. And importantly, they must support the coordination of digital capabilities between different departments and projects within an organization. Making a name for yourself in a still-nascent role is an accomplishment, to say the least. The following 11 CDOs have excelled in their roles leading digital change. Not to mention, they’re pretty prolific on Twitter.

Here are 11 CDOs to follow on Twitter

Theo Blackwell

As CDO for the city of London, Theo Blackwell provides strategic leadership on the digital transformation agenda for

chief digital officer

London’s public services, across the Greater London Authority, and the wider public sector.

Joe Atkinson

As CDO of PwC, Joe Atkinson is responsible for executing the company’s vision to digitally enable its firm, leverage emerging technologies, and empower teams to deliver the greatest possible value to its clients. Joe has ample experience assisting clients in successfully implementing their strategic and operational capabilities in support of new product development, innovation, and deployment.

Wilhelm Bielert, PhD

Wilhelm Bielert is the Chief Digital Officer & Vice President at Premier Tech. He specializes in digital communication, business development, and optimizing customer interactions. Wilhelm tweets out all of the news he finds personally interesting.

Atif Rafiq

Atif Rafiq is the Global Chief Information office & CDO at Volvo Cars. With over 20 years of experience, Atif is “steeped in e-commerce, mobile apps, digital platforms, mobility, and iOT.”  He uses this expertise to digitize the physical space and reimagine the customer experience.

Dr. Marcell Vollmer

Dr. Marcell Vollmer is CDO of SAP Ariba. In this role, he was dubbed ‘Digital Ambassador’ by SAP’s Digital Transformation Office to help customers define and execute successful digital transformation strategies. As the former Chief Procurement Officer at SAP, he is attuned to the complexities surrounding the intersection of technology, compliance, and supplier networks.

Carrie Bishop

Carrie Bishop works as the Chief Digital Services Officer for the City and County of San Francisco. In her constant pursuit of improving public services, Carrie looks for ways to integrate digital services to benefit the communities that are increasingly depending on them.

Paul Maltby

Paul Maltby is the Chief Digital Officer at the Ministry of Housing for Communities & Local Government in the UK. There, he leads and supports a variety of projects aimed at increasing digital capabilities and access to community members.

Victor Fetter

As CDO of Vertiv Co, Victor Fetter oversees the continued transformation of Vertiv’s customer experience by prioritizing chief digital officerthe integration of digital innovation with operational agility. He strives to enable new customer solutions, empower the Vertiv team, and deliver operational results through the implementation of new digital solutions and processes.

Zain Habboo

As the CDO at Fenton, Zain Habboo acts as chief adviser and implementer to the C-suite and clients on brand positioning, digital media and marketing strategy, and strategic communications. She manages Fenton’s digital and marketing employees and ensures the implementation of client work goes without a hitch.

Adam Ostrow

Adam Ostrow serves as the CDO at TEGNA. There, he is responsible for creating, evangelizing, and implementing the company’s digital vision. He also oversees the daily operations of TENGA’s content, production, and distribution teams across the local and corporate organization.

Clive Dickens

Clive Dickens is the CDO at Seven West Media. His personal motto is “disruption as an enabler,” and his work at Seven West Media reflects that. In his role, Clive oversees strategic, operational, and investment aspects of the company’s broad range of digital content, revenue, and product activities.

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