June 21, 2021 / 31:43

Tobias Washington is the Head of Learning Experience Design and Digital Adoption at CHRISTUS Health. Tobias talks about how his 60,000 healthcare professionals use their technology effectively and how he saves his organization over a million dollars each year.

Top Takeaways

  • 1Learning and training techniques must change along with digital transformation. The software people use at work is getting more advanced and complex, but the learning and training methods are staying the same. This tactic isn't working. Tobias has discovered the power of assessing digital adoption and resolving systemic issues in his organization.
  • 2Work technology needs to be engaging and enjoyable in order for employees to adopt it. Consumer digital expectations are constantly changing and improving. Therefore the digital experience at work needs to evolve as well. Employees at the end of the day, are also consumers. The standard should be the same.
  • 3In healthcare specifically, it’s crucial that the technology is adopted, otherwise it’s actual lives on the line. Healthcare is an industry that can't afford to be behind digitally. The technology that enables these workforces have the power to save lives, but poor adoption can result sadly in lives lost.

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