February 9, 2021 / 34:35

Nilanjan Adhya always wanted to be an astronaut. Instead, he is the visionary leader that drives IBM’s multiple products, forging the human experience, with the digital one. Learn how human behavior and expectations changed through COVID and how customer experience has evolved.

Top Takeaways

  • 1Customer micro-experiences make up the impression of your company. When Neel started working in the world of technology, most people didn’t really know what he meant by “digital transformation.” His approach has developed over the past 20 years, but the bottom line remains the same: every interaction that a person has with a company, no matter how small, is a micro-experience that determines the overall perspective they have of the company as a whole. ‘Digital’ is a fine-tuned pathway to connect with customers and try to improve every single experience from micro to macro.
  • 2Failing is only a failure if you don’t get up and keep going. Experimentation means that failures will happen. The more you try, and the more willing you are to learn from mistakes, the less of a “failure” it is when something doesn’t work out. The leaders and the companies that get comfortable with trying new things and pivoting with ease, are the ones that can succeed through unexpected times.
  • 3COVID taught us that people will adopt new digital capabilities if they’re presented with them. For the professionals that are looking for the silver lining of this horrible pandemic, there is a clear argument for an accelerated relationship between humans and technology. Neel explains that certain features that he and his team thought users wouldn’t be interested in for at least another 5 years, were adopted quickly and vigorously with the onset of COVID. The potential to further expand digital capabilities has been proven by the human proclivity towards more digital use, opening new doors for technologists.

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