July 15, 2021 / 33:26

Remember before COVID, when video calls were limited to sales meetings or troubleshooting an IT problem? We all know how dramatically that changed. So, what’s next for normalizing video communication? Today our guest is Ethan Beute, the author of Rehumanize Your Business. He believes that by bringing a little bit of humanity back into our digital communication, we will see big results. Where will digital adoption take business next?

Top Takeaways

  • 1Text is not always an authentic way to express yourself. Ethan states that the formality and the filter that comes with writing to someone, is not always the most comfortable or personable way to communicate. In this highly digital era, it’s important to maintain one’s personal identity, including quirks and imperfections, in our communication.
  • 2Both internally and externally, there are so many forms of written content, that people aren’t “listening” anymore. How can you break through the fog of emails, slack messages, and DM’s? Ethan argues video is the next important technology to adopt for messaging.
  • 3Company culture is becoming a more important feature for successful revenue each day. The companies that manage to create warm, people-friendly environments, even if they are completely remote, are the ones that will be able to stay agile and push through challenges.

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