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DAP Professional of the Year 2023

Jake Soltysik

Digital Adoption Manager

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1. What business problem(s) did your organization / project face, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

Veolia finished its “Digital New Age” strategy recently which saw us replace or upgrade our most important applications including our LMS, Finance and HR system. A project of this magnitude required a different way of training and guiding our users through the new applications. Traditionally we used a mix of classroom and webinars to introduce and train users on new applications or processes and this would just not be possible in launching our DNA.

As with most companies, when the pandemic arrived we had to quickly change the way we worked. Having groups of people together was no longer feasible and we needed a way to communicate directly to our employees of any changes or announcements while they were working from home. Thankfully WalkMe was there to help!

2. How did you use WalkMe, in conjunction with other strategies and technologies, to address your challenges?

WalkMe enables us to deploy new applications and releases quicker and more effectively than ever before. It provides in app guidance and automation to make even the trickiest of tasks easier for our employees. At Veolia we now have WalkMe deployed on over 40 applications and is the first point of call for any employee looking for help, guidance or resources in these applications.

Over the past few years WalkMe has become the main way we interact and communicate to our employees, with some employees still remote working we are able to use WalkMe to send direct, measurable and personalised communications out as opposed to just sending out traditional emails.

3. How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users (customers and/or employees), your team, and leadership?

Our digital adoption strategy is that all new applications come with WalkMe content ready from launch. This enables our employees to easily be able to find help and guidance from a familiar tool whichever application they find themselves in.

Our leadership team are always looking for new and exciting tools to allow us to save money and better utilise the systems we already have and this is where WalkMe’s newest tool of Discovery has blown us away. Leadership teams are now better able to see the licence utilisation and usage of our applications and see if we have any crossover in applications we are using.

WalkMe has also enabled Veolia to create a Digital Adoption Team that looks after a Centre Of Excellence at Veolia to manage the governance of the tool while allowing SMEs (once certified in the DAI) to build, manage and publish WalkMe content for their own applications.

4. How has your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission, goals, or values?

Recently we merged Veolia UK with Veolia in Northern Europe, this doubled our user base in the region. WalkMe was integral in making this transition as frictionless as possible. With Walkme content already built and live in our UK region we were able to deploy some of the UK’s applications much quicker than planned, by using the multi language feature within WalkMe we were able to give our Northern European colleagues the same help and guidance we used when deploying the application in the UK.

We were also able to use the power of Discovery to map out the similarities and differences in application usage over the 2 regions and enabled us to save money by consolidating licence costs for multiple applications that were providing the same type of service.

5. What about your implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

We always knew that WalkMe was important to our employees but it wasn’t until we had a look back at last year’s statistics to see just how much it was being used in the businesses. In 2022 we saw that our users interacted with WalkMe content over 5 million times, this showed us that users were constantly using WalkMe daily to complete processes quicker and more accurately using WalkMe’s automation and data validation to give them a much higher job satisfaction level than before.

6. Please share any additional information about your role in the project, your results, and/or your vision for the future that supports your submission.

I have been fortunate to see our WalkMe partnership from beginning to where we are today. Not only has WalkMe been an integral tool for our employees but it has also been a big part for me and my team’s professional and personal growth. From being invited to the (always amazing) WalkMe on Tour events and visiting the head office in Tel-Aviv, to this year having the chance to talk about Veolia’s journey at Realize 2023. WalkMe continues to provide opportunities for myself and Veolia to push the limits of digital adoption and improve the working lives for everyone at Veolia.

7. OPTIONAL: If you're using WalkMe outside of the project described in this submission, please share additional examples.

Using a mix of data from WalkMe insights and also UI Intelligence we have been able to give our product owners a greater insight into how our employees use their products. From the average time to complete a process and success rate to what terms employees are searching for in the WalkMe menu. This data has allowed our product owners to shape their roadmap and give our employees a much better understanding of how their products are being used than ever before.

8. Company Blurb

As the UK leader in resource management, we provide a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build The Circular Economy and protect the environment.

We’re innovators committed to focusing on carbon reduction through our four pillars of ecological transformation; preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, combating climate change and decreasing pollution.